Bored with knives

Well, I have finally become bored with knives.  I wasn’t at all sure my attention span would last the 3 and ½ years that it did when I first began this journey.  I have bought and sold a lot of knives, and even traded many.

I’m bored with everything to do about knives really.  I will still carry one every day, but it will most likely be a smaller model that will do just fine in getting the job done.
It was a neat hobby (if you can call it that) while it lasted.  It seemed more to me like an addiction than anything. Don’t get me wrong, I think knives are useful tools, but to the extent I was into them I think it was a bit extreme.  I will always appreciate the fine craftsmanship in what it takes to create and put together a good knife.

It took me a while, but I finally realized that there is no “One” knife for you.  There is not “The knife”.  It is simply and endless search for something better which will never exist.  Once I realized this I decided to stop with the knife thing.

I have sold off some of my knives and traded others.  I will keep about 12 knives total.  Even that’s a lot of knives to have in my opinion.  I will eventually give some away to friends and family and probably keep just a few.

I will end up picking up something else to do and using my time differently from here on out.

I wish you all who may read this, and are into knives, a great journey.  I hope you find “The knife”.  I know you will not, because it doesn’t exist.  You simply have to grab a knife, put it in your pocket and use it….and keep using it.  Enjoy the knife, enjoy using the knife, and do other things while carrying a knife.  Don’t make the journey “trying to find the ultimate knife”.  Instead make the journey, the knife you have in your pocket and all the times you use it.

Life is the journey.  We all seem to want to hurry to get to a destination of some sort.  Enjoy the journey, because when it’s over, you will wish you had treated your journey as your life.  Hurrying towards a destination ruins everything in between.

Keep your chin up.  Let God guide you, and love with all of your heart.



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