Rethinking things…

Well recently I have had a couple “wake up calls” to my lifestyle.  I find that I have been spending too much time doing “earthly” things and skimping on time with my family and time with Jesus.  I need to change this and I will.

I’ve been swearing too much and lusting after women too much.  That has to stop.  So, from here on out I’m going to try with all my heart to stop swearing and stop looking at women as a sex object.

I was baptized at age 17 on Easter morning.  I gave my life to Jesus Christ on that day.  I however have fallen out of my relationship with Him.  I am now turning my life back around with help from Jesus Christ.  I will get back on track.

I will be spending my time from here on out with God, reading His word, with my family and just being the best Christian man that I can.


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