Big Three auto-makers want bailout yet CEO’s still use private jets

So here is only part of the reason why Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors should not get any bailout money at all.  They fucked up and it’s not like they didn’t have time to realize they needed to change their ways.

So in a “tough” time when their companies are about to go bankrupt and lose 3 million jobs the CEO’s fly private jets to Washington to plea for bailout money?  Seems a bit odd to me.  Then again, maybe it should not given the fact that for at least a decade the big three have had time to change their ways and have not.

I used to only buy so called “American” cars.  I however did a bit of research and found out that for the most part my Honda Accord is built in Ohio and has more “American” parts on it than a good amount of Ford, GM, or Chrysler products.  Lots of so called “American” autos are made in Mexico and Canada.  Heck even the new Pontiac G8 is made in Australia.

The unions are what fucked this entire thing up.  I realize that way back in the day unions helped the worker.  However now all they do is milk a company for lots of money for a job that has little skill.  I cannot count on my company to have a retirement and pension for the rest of my life if I lose my job.  I have to depend on myself and be smart and put money away and make my own “portfolio” so to speak.  I should not have to pay for a shoddy vehicle that has had corners cut just so that they can still keep paying out 80% of an employees paycheck after they retire.

While some of the money may go back to Japan when I by a Honda, at least they put a lot of money back into the factories so they are always on the cutting edge of manufacturing.  That’s more than I can say for the “Big Three”.  Hyundai just put $1.1 BILLION into a manufacturing facility in Alabama to build their cars.

Gosh I could go on and on, but I just don’t have the want or time anymore.  I’m tired of big companies and executives thinking that the government or taxpayers owe them something.  The “big three” are about to fail and we should let them.  This is survival of the fittest.  Let them lie in the shitty bed they made.

These CEO’s should be forced to sell the private jets, and everything they have except for ONE $500,000 home and 2 cars.  Also, the 2 cars should be from their own company and should be worth about 20,000 each.  No expensive vehicles period.  They should also not have a bonus, and should give back the amount they got the previous 2 years.  How’s that?



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2 responses to “Big Three auto-makers want bailout yet CEO’s still use private jets

  1. It is very frustrating. I truly feel for all the workers in the auto industry but I don’t think that the bailout will actually save their jobs. Where I live, Ford just shut down a major plant and moved it to Mexico. Hundreds of jobs were lost. So now I’m trying to figure out why do they need tax payers’ money when they are making millions. I guess the millions they are making is still not enough.

  2. joe palmer

    This is just another case of “Coperate American” with the help of Congress screwing the tax payers out of Billions of dollars. They didn’t take a second to bail out Wall street when the CXO’s of the Fannie Mae’s and Mack’s walked off with millions of dollars after taking bonus’s for all of the bad loans they approved to get thier big pay offs in the millions. The one CEO walked off scot free with 150 million dollars and was never asked the time of day.

    I think we should let the whole damn system fall on it’s ugly face and than we the tax payers can pick up the pieces and start over with out all of the white collar croocks.

    More power to the people.

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