Leaves in the street

This is just a post to get a bunch of shit off my chest. Fuck.

Ok, first off why in the hell do people rake their leaves into the fucking street?  Most cities tell you to rake or leaf blow them onto the tree-lawn/easement so that the leaf trucks can suck up the leaves on certain days.  For whatever reason certain lazy fuckers think it’s their job to rake these huge piles of leaves into the street.  Since I have a friend that works for the city he has told me time and again that these tards that rake the leaves into the street cause a LOT of problems.  The leaves get carried into the storm sewers during heavy rains and then the city has even more to suck leaves out of and clean.

On top of all that whenever you drive down a side street where all these fucktards have raked the leaves into the street, you have to drive through the leaf piles if there is an car coming the other way.  I refuse to do this as their may be kids in those piles of leaves because that’s what kids do.  Except, when I was a kid we jumped in piles of leaves that were on the tree-lawn/easement and not in the street.

Who the fuck knows.  Nobody follows the rules anymore anyway.  I’m figuring these morons don’t want their grass to get all yellow and dormant because the leaves set there for too long.  Who cares? It’s almost winter.


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