The Election – Obama will win!

I hope to God that Obama wins this election.

We need change bad.  No more redneck white guys that are in the “good ole’ boys club”.  An intelligent human being would be great for a change, regardless of color or gender.

Nobody can stand the Republican party anymore.

In fact, we should throw the two party system out the window and start over.




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4 responses to “The Election – Obama will win!

  1. Nobama

    Race had NOTHING to do with it. I don’t trust or like Obama. Period. I respect your right to exert your vote and choose the candidate in which you believe in. Please respect my right to do the same. Thank you.

  2. Nobama,

    I can respect your right. That’s the beauty of living in America. We each have a vote. Any of us can tell the President to his face that he is a jackass and still not be shot or put in Jail.

    I will not censor your comment.

    Proud to be an American with you.

  3. A sane person

    How is a blog disrespecting your right to cast your vote? I think you know your side will get spanked hard, so you’re lashing out at anyone you encounter who openly disagrees with you. Get a grip.

  4. Hello over there, Dave ~
    Glad to see my “Obama Wins!” post coming up as a link!

    Still celebrating ~~

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