This country is going to hell in a hand-basket fast…

Everything is fucked up.  The government is taking our tax dollars and giving it to irresponsible companies and their overpaid fuck executives.

Why should I even pay taxes anymore?  How about I choose where my money goes?

This country needs to throw the current government out on the fucking street and replace it.  Oh but instead, George W. Bush decided to put governments into other countries like Iraq.  Yeah the governments don’t work and as soon as our troops leave it’s going to be just as fucked up (or more) than it was before we invaded them.

Yeah, lets spend money on the Space Program, and give $700 Billion to greedy rich people while there are people in every city in this nation that are going hungry and need shelter and clothing.

Our government is so out of touch with what the fuck needs done it’s insane.

Where are we going…..and what’s up with this hand-basket?


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