Things I’m thankful for!

I’m really feeling thankful today.  I’m thankful for a whole lot.  Here are a few things I’m thankful for…

1.  My wife and little girl.

2.  The fact that I have a good job and means to get there.

3.  For the fact that I work inside and I pretty much get paid to do my hobby.

4.  That even when I mess up real bad that God forgives me and loves me.

5.  That I have a Bible to read.

6.  My sister.

7.  A warm house.

8.  Food.

9.  Health Insurance

10.  My health and the health of my family.

11.  The Lava Lamp I’m looking at.

12.  The clothes I have.

13.  My parents.

14.  Our cluttered house.

15.  Love (it conquers all).

16.  My life.

17.  Every day that God gives me another day to live.

18.  That George W. Bush will not be President anymore (soon).

19.  The beautiful clear sky and bright moon.

20.  The changing colors of the fall trees.

Love people and use things….don’t love things and use people!


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