Goofy feeling foot pain

Well, I’ve been having this weird foot pain in my left foot.  Sometimes it feels like it’s somewhat tingly like it’s falling asleep, and sometimes it feels like my foot has a lot of pressure on the arch or my foot tingles a little bit on the very top of my foot.  Sometimes the pain feels like it also goes up into about 1/2 of my left calf.  It’s not a hurting pain, more like an annoyance.

In the past I’ve been checked for good foot pulse in both legs, I’ve taken a stress test and ruled out all the heart related things like poor circulation etc.  It seems that I’m either getting some nerves in the top of my foot pinched or I have a pinched nerve in my spine due to a slipped disc or something.  I’m not sure, but my doc said not to worry about it after all the tests I’ve had run on me to rule stuff out.

I do walk pretty briskly on a treadmill every other day and switch off with a StairMaster (or stepper as some call it).  I am wondering if the walking is just too high impact for a man of my stature?  I go about 6’1″ and weigh about 250 lbs.  I’m thinking of switching my cardio routine over to an elliptical or something that is not so high impact on my feet.

If anyone is reading this and cares to post or has had similar experiences please feel free to share.

The pain never hurts when I’m walking or running, or anything.  It hurts if I just stand in place or if I’m at rest from time to time.  Weird.

Happy Monday to ya…. 🙂


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  1. krystal lyons

    hey ive got a saw foot as well

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