Tropic Thunder sucked

Went to see Tropic Thunder this weekend (against my better judgment) and it fucking sucked ass.  It’s in the top 3 worst movies I’ve ever seen.  It was a fucking joke (no pun intended).  I’m beginning to realize that everything that Ben Stiller writes is a piece of shit.  Movies that he stars in are mostly “OK” but anything he writes just sucks ass.

After sleeping on it I can also see why people protested that it’s not in good taste to Vietnam veterans.  It’s really a disgrace of a movie.  Also, Robert Downy Jr. really sucked at playing a “black guy” in this movie.  What a jackass.

All in all, I wasted a good $23 to see this movie at the theaters with my wife.

Tropic Thunder was a shit heap of a movie.



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13 responses to “Tropic Thunder sucked

  1. dian

    it didn’t suck. ben stiller movies are funny. he directed reality bytes and it was a great film. to each his own and i think tropic thunder is one hell of a movie. it’s funny. maybe you’re too old to find it funny.

  2. daniel

    I think the movie was rubbish, it didn’t even put a smile on my face.

    Ohh ye, Ben Stiller is a bad actor.

  3. Arthur Turnen

    Ben Stiller films,Meet The Parents and Mystery Men were okay. However, Tropic Thunder was crap. Rob Down JR. is awful and Mathew Mcconhee and Jack Black are over-rated actors. They induce vomit within five minutes.

  4. Joe Falco

    I was talked into warching this movie. It was like a comedic black hole where, instead of light, any and all potential humor was sucked into a gaping maw of nothingness.

    Steaming pile, indeed.

  5. Nathan

    just finished watching this movie on DVD and googled “tropic thunder sucks ass” you were the 1st hit 🙂 yes this movie sucks ass, I Fast Forwarded through the last 15min of the movie. I laughed at a few parts in the beginning and then it just started to drag on…

  6. cdog

    Maybe the shittiest movie ive ever seen

  7. Daniel

    yep it sucked.. watched like 20 mins.. then i had enough

  8. Colin

    “After sleeping on it I can also see why people protested that it’s not in good taste to Vietnam veterans.”

    First of all people thought it was in bad taste in regards to the mentally challenged, not Vietnam vets. Secondly Robert Downey Jr. was the best part of the film, his “suckyness” as you like to put it, was a satire about serious actors hamming it up when they play roles that involve different mind sets and skin color.

    But you are entitled to your opinion.

  9. Jen

    Colin, you’re an idiot. There have been several articles detailing the fact that Vietnam veterans were offended by this film, but just in case you are unable to find them, I have googled on your behalf:

    RD Jr. is a fabulous actor, but even his skills couldn’t save this heap.

  10. Fantastic story, did not thought reading it was going to be so interesting when I read your link!

  11. James

    Wow this movie was utter garbage. I finally got around to watching it after hearing rave reviews from just about everyone I’d spoken to. I’m not even joking; I’ve sat through MegaPiranha, Baby Geniuses 2 and a whole host of other crappy movies, but nothing made me want to turn it off as much as this pile of crap. It wasn’t funny. At all. If I’d seen this in the cinema it would’ve been the first (and probably only) movie I’d ever or will ever walk out of. Sure, I imagine it’s pretty funny when you’re 10 years old, but for the rest of us it’s about as painful as hearing nails on a chalkboard for an hour and a half, If not worse.

  12. george varner

    Movie was hilarious, I loved it!

  13. I hate ben stiller and that movie sucked frog tits. I am a Vietnam-era Veteran, screw that entire cast and writer.

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