Bike Riders and taking up the road

What is it with bike riders these days feeling all entitled?  I mean I’m not talking about the regular people (like me) who ride their bikes down side streets or if they are on a main road they use the sidewalk or the provided bike trail.  I’m talking about the people that ride in the middle of the lane on a 35MPH road when they cannot go 35 MPH.  I’m talking about the butt pirates that ride in the street in the Metro parks when there is a 6 foot wide asphalt path for people to walk and bike on.

I mean I’m driving home through the Metro park one night and there is a bike rider in front of me and he’s about 3 feet out in the lane.  He’s not even trying to be nice and stay close to the right side of the road so that people can pass.  So nobody can even drive around this guy because there is on-coming traffic.  So we are all forced to drive behind this guy at about 12MPH while he enjoys his bike ride.  Asshole.  Then when I finally go around him after waiting a good 3 or 4 minutes, I yell out the window to use the provided bike path.  He flicks me off.  How nice.  Yeah, I’m the bad guy because gosh I’m in a car and he is on a bike and bikes used to rule the road and they have been around longer than cars.  Oh gosh I’m such a bad person because I’m trying to drive a car safely.  This guy on the other hand is causing traffic problems the entire time he is riding.  He doesn’t have to, he’s doing it because he can.  He is the type of bike rider that I see with the little sign on the back of the bike that says “share the road” and other goofy stuff like that.

I got no problem sharing the road but when I ride my bike I realize that I cannot go as fast as a car so it is common courtesy to not ride in the center of the lane.  If they are going to ride in the center of the lane, then they should also have to adhere to all of the car traffic rules.  When you come to a stop light then the bike rider cannot ride up beside all of the cars and get to the front.  Motorcycles cannot do this and neither should bike riders if they want to act like a car or a motorcycle.  What’s funny is that they get all mad if you pull your vehicle so far to the right that they cannot get around you to get to the front of the traffic line unless they ride off into the grass or ditch.  Hey, play by the rules if you want to ride in the center of the lane.

I just don’t understand why they are so cocky and act all “billy bad ass”.  Ride your bike.  Realize that there are more cars on the road than you.  Respect the car drivers and don’t ride in the middle of the lane.  If there is a bike path, use it.  Don’t ride your bike in the road when there is an asphalt path created just for you within 10 feet of the road.  Also, if you cannot play by car rules, don’t act like your bike is a car.  Don’t ride in the middle of the lane when you know damn well you cannot go 35MPH on your bike unless you’re going down hill and are peddling like it’s going out of style.

Why….why why… people ride bicycles like this?



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7 responses to “Bike Riders and taking up the road

  1. Tommy

    There are always a handful of A$$clowns in every type of subject matter. Bicycling is no different unfortunately.

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  3. Congrats dude! You’re officially a dumbass. Bicyclists, in most states, have a right to ride in the road – it is in fact one of the safest ways to ride a bike (when there is no well-designed protected bicycle network).

    I ride a cargo bike with my daughter loaded in the front – am I being a billy badass when we go to the market to buy toilet paper?

  4. Will Campbell

    I understand you’re reacting to a certain segment of the bike riding population you’ve encountered, but it’s a shame you have to go and perpetuate the same proprietary and obstinate stance I’ve heard countless times from other motorists.

    For what it’s worth, as a dedicated commuter cyclist in Los Angeles, I try not to be “billy bad ass” while on the road. I ride on the streets because I have a right to be there, but I do so conscientiously with awareness and respect for everyone I share the roads with — even if they don’t return the favor, and many don’t.

    Pretty much the only time you’ll find me in the middle of a lane is if there’s debris or damaged asphalt or sewer grating on the right side. Most times I do I try to stay as far right as practicable — and that’s the key word: practicable. In your world we cyclists should all get the heck out of the way of you and your vehicle. But the reality is there are times we must take the middle of the lane to avoid hazards and we are within the law doing so.

    That some of us may stay there and force you to the edge of your impatience into a lane change to go around — oh the horror! But by all means, be sure to get your aggressions out by honking and flipping us off as you go by. We LOVE that. Especially when we get the opportunity to pull up alongside you at the red light you get stuck at up the street.

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  6. There’s this thing that cars have that bikes don’t. It’s call a gas pedal. It’s not too tough to press with your toe and when you do, it makes you go real fast.

  7. The #5 blog (This Just in…) is far more insightful than my previous reply. It’s worth the read.

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