Random stuff on my mind…

1.  I’m happy that I’m a father and a husband.

2.  I have been married to my wife for 10 years and I am in love with her again.

3.  Scrubs is a funny show.

4.  The older I get the more I like thinner bladed knives.

5.  The older I get the calmer I get.

6.  I’m drinking a Foster’s beer right now.

7.  It’s beautiful outside today.

8.  I have a new header logo for my blog.

9.  Hey I can count to at least 9.

10.  I’m thankful we have food.

11.  I like fireplaces.

12.  Spiders are cool.

13.  Thirteen is a good number that too many people are afraid of.

14.  Hair….or no hair?  …don’t know yet.

15.  Windows Vista still sucks even though I’m not using it.


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