Thankful for stuff…

In this fast paced world we all often forget about the little things.  The simple pleasures in life.  Spending time with your wife and little girl.  Drinking a Coke and watching a sitcom with your wife.  Playing Play-Doh with your little girl.

I saw an accident (3 car pile up) on the way home tonight.  I was the 3rd car back from the accident and ended up parking inside some orange construction barrels to go check on the 3 people in the crash to make sure they were ok.  On of the people (about a 25 year old girl) had just been hit in the face with an airbag and was crying.  She was ok, just really freaked out.  I’m thankful that she lived and I have no idea who she even was.

I’m thankful for the little Maple tree that is growing in the backyard (only about 5 inches tall right now).  I hope it makes it and keeps on keeping on. 🙂

I’m thankful that I have hands, arms, legs, a place to live, a wife and little girl that love me dearly.

I’m thankful for the parents that call us and ask if we’re doing ok just because they love us.

I’m thankful that I have a bed to go sleep in right now as my eyes keep going shut and I’m about to fall asleep.  Today has been an insane busy day, but it sure beats not having a job.

Night.  Thanks for reading….


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