Amazing Balloon

So we bought this balloon for our daughter 9 days ago.  We bought 2 balloons at that time.  One pink one and one gold one.  The gold one crapped out after 2 days and was on the floor.  The pink one is still full and on the ceiling.  I’m blown away.  Every balloon we have ever had that has been helium filled has lasted 3 days maybe if we are lucky.  Then it ends up on the floor.  I wonder what is different about this balloon?  I think it’s pretty sweet.  I wonder what the record is for “average Joe” helium filled balloons for staying “up”?



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2 responses to “Amazing Balloon

  1. Dan

    I am not sure what the world record is, however, I had a helium filled mylar balloon and it stayed floating for little over a month. Not sure if there is a huge different between mylar balloons and regular balloons.

  2. gabe

    ive had a mylar balloon floating in my room since mothers day more than 2 months, if any one knows what the world record is please email me

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