Rain-X is freaking awesome

Well, it’s been about 15+ years since I have used Rain-X.  This last weekend I decided to buy some and put it on the front windshield of my car.  I wish I would have started using this stuff long ago.  I tried it once or twice in the past but I just couldn’t seem to get the ‘haze’ off my windshield.  I must have done something wrong in the past because it worked fine this last weekend.

It rained like crazy on Tuesday and I only had to use my windshield wipers when driving under 35MPH.  About 90% of my driving is on the Turnpike so Rain-X works awesome for me.  It just blows me away how the water just hits the windshield and rolls right up and off at a very high rate of speed.  The faster you go the faster it comes off the windshield.  I love it.

For those that don’t know…




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