Rainy out….and other stuff.

Today it’s kind of rainy outside and overcast.  It’s a stay inside and relax kind of day.  It’s about 65 degrees out and pretty.  So I’m staying inside, with tons of thoughts going through my mind.  I’m really thankful for this last week.

Last night I had what I think was called an ocular migrane.  I had weird flashing rings in my field of view and it lasted about 20 minutes and then went away.  After that I started to get a headache.  It lasted a few hours but wasn’t so bad.  I just went to bed after talking to my doctor and ended up sleeping until about 2am then got up for about 30 minutes and went back to bed.

I’ve been doing some ‘work’ for this last week with a project going on at work and I’ve been staying up really late and getting home late and not getting much sleep.  It’s been worth it though.

So right now I’m sitting on the love seat in my living room and typing this.  Just gonna sorta relax today and think of things.

Had a really really good dream last night but I can’t really post it on here. 😉

I love my new car and I’m thinking of taking a road trip soon.  Not sure to where but I think I’m going to do it.  I’ve not taken a “road trip” in a long many years.  I think it’s time to do it again.

Just sold a Benchmade 913 D2 Stryker today via eBay and went to the post office to ship it off.  I personally think the knife is a heap of crap.  Benchmade has really been going down hill as of late which is a shame.  They used to be a really good knife company.  Now I stick to 100% Spyderco.

I think I’m gonna throw back a few Heineken’s later. 😉

Thanks for reading…


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