So beautiful today

Man it’s so nice out today.  I got a bunch of yard work done and mowed the lawn etc.  It was about 65 degrees today and sunny outside.  Yesterday it was kinda rainy until about 4pm and then it was nice the rest of the day.  It is just beautiful out today though.  It’s not humid and it’s just perfect weather for doing mowing and other yard work.  I love mowing the lawn  and being out in the sun and just feeling the outside air on me.  It’s so wonderful to be able to go outside.   I’m thankful for that.  I’m thankful for a lot of things.

I weed whacked around the fence and then blew the grass clippings off of the sidewalk and back into the yard.  I don’t like it when people just blow the clippings into the street.  It’s not good for the sanitary sewer system.  Plus it helps your yard if you just blow it back into the grass.  It’s definately spring time here.  Problem is since it’s Ohio, next week it’s going to be 40-50 and rainy out.  I hate that in a way, yet I kinda like it too.  I like it when it’s raining or storming.  It’s very cozy and romantic for some reason. 🙂

I hear a robin making it’s chirping noise in a tree about 75 feet from me.  She sounds beautiful.  She looks pregnant too.  I don’t know what time of year birds give birth but I’m sure it’s pretty close to now.

I need to power wash my fence soon and re-stain it when possible.  We’ll do that in a couple weeks I hope.

Enjoying the weather….


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