Went with the Honda Accord

Well last night I went and picked up a 2007 Honda Accord SE. It’s white and had 14,000 miles on it and I love it. An SE is just a loaded EX without a moon roof and power seats. It has tan interior and a 6 disc CD-changer. It’s a 245 horsepower V6 and it moves pretty damn good compared to my 2001 Taurus. I’ve driven really fast cars so this is by no means “really fast” but it’s damn fast for a family sedan. I just wanted to see what it would do on the way to work this morning and it got up to 135MPH very quickly. It was still pulling pretty hard but I let off as I was coming up on traffic fast. I would imagine that it could do 140 or 145 with no problem but I don’t know.

After comparing a brand new 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5S with a loaded 2007 Accord SE, the Accord came out the winner for me. It has a better engine, better stereo, better seats, better wheels (17″ Alloys), and better gauges. I can deal with it already having 14,000 miles to get a better car. The Altima was nice but their options are weird and you can only get alloy wheels if you step up the package like an extra $4,000. No thanks.

So, now we own two Honda Accords and I don’t care if I ever own a Ford, GM, or Chrysler ever again. I gave them enough chances and they just failed and failed and failed. I traded in my Taurus and got only $1000 for it but the A/C didn’t work, the power mirrors didn’t work, the steering wheel would shake at highway speeds, etc. I mean come on. The car did just “ok” but I would never buy another one. It was lackluster at best.

So….damn I’m glad I got an Accord. It’s white, and I never thought I would like white but it has grown on me and it is very classy and elegant looking, especially with the 17″ alloy wheels.


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