Ohio weather

Ohio weather is crazy.  Just last week it was 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.  This weekend it’s rainy (which I like) but it’s now 37 degrees.  In the last few years alone it seems as if our weather has just gone nuts.  I don’t ever remember stuff being all out of whack like this when I was a kid.  For most of our winter this year it rained and then in February and the first week of March it snowed like 20 inches.  That’s NOT normal.

My wife and I are seriously considering moving to another state all together.  I’m just getting tired of this Ohio crap.  Plus I’ve been here my entire life and I’m getting bored with it.  In 1995 I went out to Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Wyoming.  They were all much nicer and had much better weather than Ohio.  I have bad allergies too and it was much easier to breath out there than here in Ohio.  I’ll have to give some serious thought to moving in the next couple years.


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