Just about “bit it” tonight

So I’m almost home tonight from work and traffic was bad so I moved into the far left lane to keep away from all the shits entering and exiting the highway. I was doing about 68 MPH. Out of my peripheral vision I see this dark grey Mazda 3 come into my lane from the far right lane. Just coming on over, no fuckin’ stopping. Didn’t seem to see me at all. SO I fucking slam on my breaks and steer to the left to keep from being hit by this person. Now I can feel my anti-lock breaks doing their job. Those fuckers were doing their job big time. I’m sliding around in the dirt, dust, and gravel that collects close to the concrete median. I figure I’m about to scrape the fucking wall. I mean I’m within about 7 or 8 inches of the concrete median. I swear this bitch had to have hit my car. I didn’t feel anything but she seemed so close that I was thinking “there’s just no way she is NOT hitting me”. Nobody stops, I regain control, and she moves on and starts weaving in and out of traffic like an idiot. What a fucking tard. I just cannot believe that people drive like this. Not only that but how can she not at least say she’s sorry or wave at me like “I’m sorry”. You know that kind of wave. We’ve all done it. I call it the “whoops, I’m sorry wave”.

I needed to come home and hit the heavy bag for a while after that one. Man was I pissed. I don’t do “road rage” though so I had to come home and smash the bag for a little while.

So I went back outside later and looked at my car just for kicks and I get down and look at my passenger side front bumper. Yeah, it’s got a scratch the same color as this Mazda 3 that “almost” hit me tonight. We must have just barely made contact. Unbelievable.

I’m just glad that I made it home safely and nobody got hurt.


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