Beautiful weekend

It’s been such a beautiful weekend.  It’s been 50 – 60 degrees all weekend.  Finally slept with my windows open last night, and it was great.  Got to go outside and play at the park.  Did some painting in the kitchen and it’s almost done.  Last night I relaxed on the couch with my wife and had a few Heinekens.  Wonderful outside weather brings your mood up and makes you feel good.  Sometimes I wish I could live somewhere that I would never have to deal with winter and snow.  We’ll see.  We love having our family close to use and as of right now everyone lives within 10 minutes of us.  Our parents, grandparents, sister, etc.  I do however have one sister in France but I’m not moving to France.  That’s just too far away and I don’t know the language.  I like living in the USA.

I’m so thankful for beautiful days like we’ve had the last two days.  They make your life better.

I’m actually excited to go to work tomorrow.  Hey, I love my job, what can I say. 🙂


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