Don’t put your butt on my desk!

Why do people come to your desk to talk to you and sit their butt on it? Plus, it’s never anyone that you would want to sit on your desk, it’s always some total jackass. I’m not even sure I would want anyone to sit on my desk ever. Well….hmm…maybe a few people. I guess it’s not a big deal when people are clean and well groomed, but when you stink like feet or have really bad coffee breath or smell like an ash tray…WHY? Sometimes I think it would be great to post a sign outside my cube that says “My desk is not a ass hammock”. It would be even better in yellow and black tape…kinda like caution tape or police line tape. It could instead be called “Not an ass hammock” tape. šŸ™‚

I’ve had people come over to my desk and push stuff out of the way just to lean or plop their butt on my desk. I think to myself “what the heck?”. I don’t get why they just moved things on MY desk so they could fit THEIR rump on the desk. I’m going to have to start putting push pins or thumb tacks on my desk facing up just so they get the point.

Heck just yesterday I watched “this one person” do this to my cube mate next door and he had to sanitize his desk with some cleaner. This person has a habit of doing this and it’s quite annoying.


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