Lots-O-stuff flowin’ out the brain today…

Ahh, another day at work behind me and back to chilling out at home with the wife. Came home and got to play with my daughter and her doll house. She loves to play with her doll house so I play with it along with her. Hey, whatever she wants to play I play. It’s just funny, me playing with a doll house and little plastic people. πŸ™‚ I actually love playing with Tinker Toys with her and Lego’s and stuff. There are all kinds of cool kids toys out today that I still have fun playing with. I think we’re all still kids in big bodies.

Today was really busy but was a great day. I busted out some work that needed done before noon and finished it at 11:15am. I just put my headphones on and get in a zone listening to stuff on iTunes and time flies. As long as I don’t get bugged I can bang stuff out real quick.

Today being April fools day I grabbed a small Perl script off of the web that I found to change the “Ready” message on HP 4200 series printers and changed the message on our department printers. πŸ™‚ For the day they all said “Insert Coin”. It was freakin’ hilarious to see the look of the people as they went to grab their print jobs. It made me wonder if people would actually start looking for a coin slot soon.

I need to learn some Perl scripting as I know you can do a ton of stuff with it. I also need to get more into Linux shell scripting. Just something I want to do as a personal goal.

On a side note, I’m thinking of giving up soda again but doing it for good this time. In the last many months I’ve dropped about 35 pounds of weight and I plan on dropping another 50 in the next year. I drink diet soda but I know it’s just not good for my body and neither is the caffeine. I can do without the caffeine too and since I gave it up for over a year before I know I can do it again if I want. Just doing the treadmill and the stair stepper every other day for 30 minutes have been helping me get the pounds off. In addition to that I’ve been lifting weights for about 6 months now and I feel great. Just gotta keep at it and it’ll do me well. I’ve found that I have to work out even when I’m sick. I cannot miss a workout or weight session or I have a tendency to quit for a few days or a week. That will just lead to more quitting and eventually a stop again. Can’t do that shit again. Been there, done that.

More to come…


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