Windows Vista SP1…whoopie doooo

Two days ago on a whim I decided to just install Windows Vista SP1.  I’ve been running Windows Vista Business on my work laptop (a Dell Latitude D830) for about 4 months now.  It’s been just “ok” and I’ve found quite a few ways to get my job done in a less productive manner.  Granted I work in IT, so I could have loaded XP Pro back onto my laptop but I just kept wanting to stick it out to at least see what SP1 brings.

Well, it brought a bunch of fixes  and took about 40 minutes to install on my laptop.  It was 435MB in total size and was a quick download.

Am I happy with Vista SP1?  Not sure.  My system doesn’t use less RAM, it isn’t any faster and it still feels bloated.  I’m running on a 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo with 2GB of RAM and a 7200RPM hard drive.  Windows XP Pro flies on this same laptop.

So what did it fix for me?  Well, the little yellow folders no longer disapear in Active Directory Users and Computers.  Big whoop.  Copying files to and from the network, is about 10 times faster now.  That’s a huge plus but Vista should have never been released with a problem like this.  I still have yet to try to install Symantec System Center to see if it will work, because it wouldn’t work before SP1.  Same with Microsoft Exchange 2003 administrator console.  Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow……or maybe I’ll reload XP Pro. 🙂

All the stuff that Microsoft lists as things that got fixed should have never made it out the door in the first place.

Everyone that is waiting for SP1 to work miracles so they can move to Windows Vista should just quit waiting and never buy it.  I can tell you that I work for a company with over 1400 computers and we are never going to install Vista on any of them.  Windows Vista is pretty, but it is still bloated junk.

Oh well, now that Apple has 14% of the computer market maybe they can keep getting more so that Microsoft finally has some competition.  My next home computer will be an Apple.



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2 responses to “Windows Vista SP1…whoopie doooo

  1. Josh

    Hey, how did you get SP1 to install? I’ve got a D830 as well, and SP1 refuses to download. Best I can tell it’s the sound card (despite having a driver version newer than Microsoft published). This is the only piece of hardware in the D830 that shows up on Microsoft’s naughty list. So.. Just curious.

  2. Josh,

    I went here to download it:

    And it installed no problem. If you have any weird language packs installed it may not work or you will have to uninstall those packs.

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