Trying to stop swearing…

It’s been brought to my attention that I do swear a great deal. I admit this and I’m trying to stop doing it so much and even trying to stop all together.

I don’t mean to do it but sometimes I’m just getting something off of my chest and I am typing exactly how I feel. I’m being completely honest in whatever I write. I’m sorry if I offend anyone. Please just know that I am really trying hard to quit swearing and using vulgar language. I quit smoking 10+ years ago and quitting swearing is harder than quitting smoking. I don’t do it around my daughter but whenever I’m around adults it’s just like something happens and swear words come out.

I feel so strongly about so many things that sometimes it’s hard for me to not swear when voicing my opinion on something. The Dolphin post in my blog located here is an example of this.

So, please bear with my while I continue to try to stop swearing like crazy. I am honestly trying to stop. I know I will, it’s just a matter of time.


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