People who drive in the left lane….

People that drive (and stay in) the left lane suck ass.  I drive the turnpike everyday and every now and then I encounter some jackass that will just drive in the left lane of a 3 lane wide highway and drive under the speed limit or just above it.  Sometimes there will not even be anyone in the middle or right lanes.  These people just do not have the common courtesy to move the fuck out of the left lane.  The left lane is for passing.  It is not for chilling out in and driving and talking on your mobile phone.  These people must be in la-la land.  I bet at least 3-4 times a week I run into someone doing this.  Idiots.

I also wonder about the people that come up behind you and then don’t pass you.  I drive the center lane of the turnpike daily and I usually have my cruise control set on 68MPH in a 65MPH zone.  There are many times when there is nobody in the left or right lane and someone flies up on me and just stays there.  If they are in such a fucking hurry, why don’t they go around?  If I move into the right lane they fly by and then go ride the ass of the next car in line.  It’s like they don’t have the brains to go around in the left lane but they will fly on if you move over.  What the fuck are these people on?  I don’t ever ride in the right lane because that is where the big rigs drive 95% of the time.

Oh well, I guess it really doesn’t matter.  I’m just glad I’m not one of these goofs.

Have a day…



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5 responses to “People who drive in the left lane….

  1. Joe

    Wow, I guess I’m not the only one that this bugs the shit out of. It’s like they know exactly what they are doing too. You can see them glancing in their mirrors to see where abouts you are and then when you are right up on them (after giving them plenty of time to move over) or pass them on the right, they pretend they don’t see you. They play their stupid card. I think this is an intentional act for most of these people. Some people just love to promote road rage and I think this may have something to do with it. Maybe it’s some kind of conspiracy. Have you ever looked at these drivers and noticed if they where a Male or a Female, old or young, or what nationality or race they are. Take notice next time and see what you come up with. I drive between 200 and 300 miles a day. The next time you want to run one of these cars off the road, think twice. You may be setting yourself up for a law suit. Just my opinion and I am by far a perfect driver.

  2. Not A. Christian?

    How can you call yourself a Christian if you spew shit like this? Sheesh you self-righteous religious fanatics really think you’re better than everyone else and posts like every one in your blog really show it.

    Anyway, to keep my comment on-topic 🙂 Left-lane morons are idiots, they annoy the hell out of me too! Honestly I think most drivers are bad drivers. Where I live too many people drive like 20mph everywhere. The fastest posted limit in my city is 37mph (I’m in Canada so it’s 60 km/h). Our closest thing to a freeway has just one lane in each direction and the speed limit is 50 km/h (30mph) mostly.

  3. @ Not A. Christian? (comment number 2)

    Did you read my about page? I swear a lot and I’m trying to stop. Do you think that Christians don’t make mistakes and sin? Being a Christian is not easy by any stretch. Also being a Christian doesn’t mean being a pushover and ignoring all the goofy stuff or bad things that people do.

    I don’t at all believe that I am better than everyone else nor am I self-righteous.

    Care to let me know how you think every post in my blog shows that I am “self-righteous and think that I am better than everyone else”?

    You think that just because a person is a Christian that they don’t have opinions of things and that they don’t make mistakes when they are mad and slip up and swear? Do you think we just walk around and let people walk all over us and stuff? Where in the world do you live? Where did you learn what being a Christian is? Everybody on this earth sins and messes up. Christians are supposed to repent and try to stop what they are doing that is not acceptable by God’s will. I don’t think God likes me to swear. I’m trying to stop that. I however don’t think that God has anything against me posting some frustrations online every now and then.

  4. Dan

    @ Dave, wow what does swearing have to do with this blog post and going on about you not being a Christian. I’m sure that person never makes a mistake. Anyway I totally agree on you this topic. I just posted on your sheep, sheepdog, or wolf blog post and even though I would love to join the State Police, that is the one thing that I would ticket people on more than anything else. Laws state that slower traffic keep right. There are sings that are posted all along the highways, however, people never move over. To me its the people that drive in the left lane going 10 under the speed limit that causes other drives to have road rage when they drive side by side next to another care and never pass. Anyways good post.

  5. Truck Driver

    THe state police allow 10 over. So if your going to run 3 over stay in the right lane regardless! The left lane is for passing, and the center is reserved for us normal folk who run 9 over! Let us go, don’t play stupid and sit there staring in your mirror looking at me the whole time. Get your ass over and let us pass, you republican, someofabitch!

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