Windows Steady State

I just wanted to put up a link to Windows Steady State for those that have not heard about it or used it.  It’s a great free product from Microsoft that allows you to customize a PC to be somewhat locked down.  This is nice if you are a parent or share a PC with other people.  You can set it up so that everytime you reboot the PC it is just as if nothing was changed by the last user.  This works great if you have idiot roommates or siblings.  You can change a bunch more, but I will not go into that.  Just look at the site for Steady State that I have linked on this post.

Check it out.  I’ve been testing it at work and it’s pretty cool.  It’s not as advanced as using Group Policy Objects in a domain but it’s good for stand alone or home computers.  It is basically a fancy interface to edit the local policy on the system that it is installed on.

Take a look here:  Windows Steady State


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