Still on Windows Vista (for now)

Wow, we’ve moved through Christmas, and New Years and now it’s 2008.  This blows me away.  Time does for sure go by faster as you get older.  At least it seems that way.

As for the topic:  I’m still running Vista Business and I keep thinking I’m holding out just waiting for the service pack.  However I still have to remote into most of the servers that I need to work on, and this sucks.  A good deal of the management consoles that I used to use with XP Pro do not work with Vista so I have to remote into the servers.  So far I’m still using Remote Desktop to get into our exchange servers and also our Symantec Antivirus servers.

I’ve not had Windows Vista Business lock up or crash as of late.  However in the past I have turned around and worked on my other PC for a minute or two and when I come back to use the Vista box it’s just frozen.  Not even CTRL + ALT + DEL do anything.  The mouse doesn’t move or anything.  Nothing to do other than a forceful reboot.  In the laptop I run I have 2GB of RAM and it’s a Dell Latitude D830 with a 120GB 7200 RPM SATA drive, and it is a Core 2 Duo 2.00GHz machine.  At boot with nothing else running this thing is taking up about 720MB of RAM.  Not bad but I have turned a lot of stuff off.  This computer is also a member of an Active Directory 2003 domain so there are certain things I cannot turn off.  Today with all of the things open that I need to do my job (about 6 applications) it was using 1.29GB of RAM.  Still it’s not using all of my RAM so that’s ok with me.  Unfortunately if I plan to install and use VMware or VirtualPC I will have to add more RAM.

I like the “prettiness” of Vista so much that it will be hard for me to go back to XP if I ever do.  I never thought I would say that.  I really never did.

So for now….I guess I’ll still wait and see.  It’s not a bad OS, it’s just a lot less than I expected after 5+ years of development.


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