Windows Vista lost profile issue (solution)

Recently Windows Vista lost my profile again (yes I’m still running it). Windows Vista has started to grow on me and I do like the “eye candy”. When you have to look at a Windows GUI all day, as I do at work, it is nice to have something pretty to look at.

So after “Googling” for about 10 minutes I found the links below which seem to offer solutions to the problem of the Windows Vista profile being lost or deleted.

In short this is what happened: “Seems the domain controller software has a (Y/N) parameter to delete old profiles that have not been used for 30 days or more.
If set to Y, the software screws up when a terminal logging in is running either Vista or Server 2008 OS. In these instances, it sometimes concludes the current user profile has been inactive for 30 days & deletes it!

Solution is have your admin set parameter to N – apparently there was a note floating around back in the beta days last year – thanks for publicising it guys!”

Tomorrow I am going to turn that off in Active Directory and we will probably not have any more problems with our Vista clients losing their profile.

On a side note I set my 120 GB hard drive up in Vista with a 30GB C:\ drive (for Windows and applications), a 3.5GB X:\ drive for my pagefile only, and a D:\ drive (for important data) that is the rest of the space. I moved the location of all my important files to the D:\ drive. I ended up having to use GParted (a linux tool) to partition my hard drive because the tool included in Windows Vista were too limited to be of any use at all.

For the most part I still like Vista but I still really want to go to Linux full time on my laptop (Dell Latitude D830).

Well, until next time……enjoy. 🙂



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3 responses to “Windows Vista lost profile issue (solution)

  1. Ann Sword

    Have you had problems where you have lost the administrator profile. This is what has happened to me and I can only log on to my grandchildrens profile. I am unable to access any of my spreadsheets and most importantly the church accounts!!! I cannot change anything on the computer as obviously my grandchildren have limited access. Would be grateful if you have any advice
    Ann Sword

  2. sigma

    Find out how to recover lost, damaged profile in Vista, in a few easy steps, here:

  3. Wonderful website. Lots of helpful information here. I’m sending it to some pals ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you for your sweat!

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