Thanksgiving, Family, Christmas, Snow

The title pretty much says the 4 things that I’m thinking about as of late.  First off, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am very thankful for all the things that God gives us.  It’s very special to be able to host a Thanksgiving dinner and have your family come over.  I am very thankful for being able to do that.  I’m also so thankful for the health and safety of our family.  We are very blessed indeed.

Christmas is coming up soon.  Time is going by quicker and quicker as I get older too.  I’m only in my thirties but time is flying.  I need to find a way to slow it down a little. 🙂

Snow.  I love snow.  I want 12 – 18 inches of snow.  Right now we have little areas of snow here and there on the ground.  It snowed a few days back and we got about 1/2″ of snow on the ground.  No big deal, but I want more.

Let it snow!!!


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