Internet Forum Addiction

I’ve decided that I’ve been spending too much time on a few different Internet forums.  I probably spend too much time on the Internet period.  It’s become an addiction and that addiction doesn’t go well with the rest of my life.  I read a few things on the Internet about people being addicted to Internet forums.  Apparently quite a few people have this problem.

My problem is that I would spend hours at night surfing the forums and posting to them.  Most of the time it seemed that it was more of a “status thing” on the forums for me.  I was easy to want to be popular and have lots of posts, and post answers to questions you know.  Whatever thing you are into (for me it was knives) it seems to make you want to buy or do more of that thing.  For me just merely reading about another knife would make me want to purchase it.  Good high resolution pictures of the knife would make me want it even more.  It was getting insane.

It had to end.  I decided that I am going to stop going to the forums altogether for at least 30 days.  I am starting this today.  I am doing this because going to the forum has become such a habit that it’s almost like “wrote memory”.  It is just something that I do when I’m bored.  Instead, I should be doing something better with my life like going outside, interacting with real people face to face instead of online, or exercising.  I should go to the park with my family, or get more things done around the house, or actually USE my knives.  It had gotten to the point that I had so many knives that they would be used so infrequently that they would look new all the time.  That has stopped.  I sold all of my knives and we are using the money for better things.  I know have 2 knives that I use and carry, and they are getting scratched up and looking used.  This is a good thing.  For those of you, who don’t understand forum addiction or the love of edged tools; just substitute your own type of addiction.  Most addictions work in a similar way.

So, now my spare time will be spent in a more productive fashion.  I do think to a certain extent Internet forums are good.  You can make friends there, even friends that you actually end up meeting in person.  You can get a lot of good knowledge and information there too.  The problem is that when that is all you do in your spare time it’s not a good thing.  You need to do everything in moderation.  So for me, I’ll not be visiting for at least 30 days and then I will re-evaluate the situation and see how I feel.  Will I be better off or not?  I’m not sure, but right now I’m leaning towards “better off”.

Here we go…



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5 responses to “Internet Forum Addiction

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  4. I too am tackling this nasty problem too for I do believe that Internet addiction should be classed as a REAL ADDICTION.
    Unfortunately I have heard horror stories of so many women neglecting the kids to spend time on the forums and I hate the faceless morons.

  5. Brian

    Yeah, I don’t think I’ve quite gotten addicted to forums yet, but I could. There are periods when I won’t post on them at all, and then periods where I will make hundreds of posts a week.

    I too got into a habit of seeing cool knives and buying them. Ended up spending $400 on knives, and I only use about two of them.

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