Thanks to the State Trooper that let me go!

Tonight on the way home I was coming up on my exit so I was in the right lane. I drive the Ohio turnpike to and from work. Where my exit is at, it happens to be situated right over a hill. Sometimes you can come over that hill and see a line of traffic stopped dead out into the driving lanes because the toll booths are backed up. Every time this happens either a wreck occurs or it almost happens and people skid all over the road. It’s insane.

Tonight it happened. The difference is that it was I that came up over the hill and saw all the traffic stopped. I had no choice but to get into the middle or left lane or I was going to smash into something. I look in the mirrors and thank God I had room to get over. So I got over into the far left lane as to keep out of the way. As I look in the rear-view I see people slamming the brakes all over the place and smoke coming off semi tires etc. Not caused by me but by them coming over the hill and seeing this all of the sudden.

I about crapped my pants.

Right past my exit there is a emergency turn around. I’ve used them before so I figure “what the heck”. I get into the left lane and pull over into the emergency turn around. There is tons of traffic on the other side so I can’t go. So I’m just sitting in the middle for a good 3 minutes or so. I happen to look to my left and I see a State Tropper sitting right behind me. I’m thinking…. great. This is gonna be funny.

So I roll down my window and he pulls beside me. I say “I assume that you’re going to give me a ticket”. He smiles and says, “it depends, what you are doing”. I tell him the story of what just happend with the FUBAR traffic and the “almost accidents” etc. He says to me “you have two choices: you can continue this illegal turn around and when you get over into the right lane I’ll pull in behind you and light up the lights and ticket you…..Or, you can back up a little and keep going the way you were going and get off at the next exit 10 minutes down the road.” He then said that the second option will be way cheaper. I told him that I appreciated his understanding in the matter and also giving me a choice. I told him that I would like option number two. He said OK, backed up and got out of my way a little bit and let me go. He did hang within 3 cars of me the entire time to make sure I didn’t try another turn around and that I did get off at the next exit.

So I got to drive an extra 20 minutes home tonight and paid an extra $.25 in tolls. That’s better than points on my license and a $150 ticket.

I’ve not had a ticket in 8+ years and I think it’s been 15+ years since I’ve been in an accident.

Today was a good day.


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