Why I carry a pocket knife every day

This was taken from a thread on www.bladeforums.com .  It is been so long that I do not remember who said it.  Anyway, it is a good summary on why I carry a pocket knife daily.  I am not sure how folks get along without one.

“My good reason to carry a knife is that God gave me rather weak teeth and rudimentary claws in an evolutionary trade-off. The hairy-armed person who figured out how to put an edge on a suitable rock made it possible for us to be recognizably human in the first place. I wear a wristwatch whether or not I have an appointment to keep, and I carry a pen and/or pencil because I am a literate person whether or not I have a specific writing task ahead of me, and I carry a knife because I am a human and not an ape.

A knife comes in handy for all sorts of random tasks that involve separating matter. Like cutting a string, or making a sandwich, or opening a package. It can also come in handy in an emergency, which need not involve a human assailant, and emergencies are by their nature unforeseen, so one should carry a knife all the time.

And in a perfect world where nobody needed a weapon, I’d probably carry a slightly larger knife, because it wouldn’t scare people.”



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3 responses to “Why I carry a pocket knife every day

  1. saunterer

    heh. Funny. I have this quote in my office to explain to people why I carry a knife.

    But like you, I found it on BF too and cannot find who wrote it.

    Take care.

  2. James (saunterer),

    Thanks for that man. I really appreciate it. That’s a good thread too.


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