Idiots with saggy pants

About time…

(Idiots with saggy pants)   <—————–clicky clicky

I’m so tired of seeing these slacker kids walking around with their pants hanging off their ass and their boxer shorts showing. It’s funny, I once saw a kid wearing his pants like this and they fell down to his knee area and he tripped and fell forward like a fool.

Guess what? Pants go at your waist. Your waist is about 2 inches below your belly button. Pants do not go on your ass. If you want to go wearing your pants on your ass instead of on your waist please do so at home. Nobody wants to see your ugly ass underwear.

Also, put your freakin’ hat on straight. Wearing a hat crooked makes you look like a jackass.

Grow up, and dress like a man and not a punk ass kid from the hood.

You’ll get a lot more respect like that, and you’ll look like you know how to get dressed in the morning.

Do you have to copy everything that people do in music videos on MTV?


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