My 2001 Ford Taurus Sucks!

I have a 2001 Ford Taurus.  It now has 108,000 miles on it.  I have had this thing in the shop more than any other car I have owned.  My wife has a 1996 Honda Accord with 120,000 miles on it and it is in the shop less.  I make my last payment on this car in 2 weeks.  I have absolutely had it with American car companies.  I will not be buying another vehicle from GM, Ford, or Chrysler.  My next car will be a Honda, Toyota, or Nissan.

I cannot even begin to go over what I have had to have replaced on the car.  It’s too much for me to remember.  Off the top of my head so far in 5 years I have had to replace the following items.

-Gas Tank
-Water Pump
-Windshield wiper lines to the hood
-Fuel Pump
-Fuel Injectors
-EGR Valve
-Fuel Sending Unit
…..and on….and on…..and on…..

About a month ago I noticed my A/C would work for about 20 minutes and then start getting warm.  If I turned off the A/C and then turned it back on 5 minutes later it would work for another 20-30 minutes.  I can live with this.  About 2 weeks ago I noticed that my outside electric mirrors no longer work.  Tonight on the way home I noticed that my power steering pump is making noise.  I pop the hood when I get home and check the fluid, and it’s fine.  I check it again after it cools down, and it’s still fine.  Now however the hood will not close.  I clean the lock and lube it all up and low and behold I find a broken spring lying on top of the frontal crash sensor.  Great.  So now I get to drive to work tomorrow with my hood latched with the safety latch but not locked.  I’m going to wire it shut later tonight probably for safe measure.  My drive is 45 minutes and is 65MPH most of the way.

I realize I have it better off than most people and even way better than people in other countries.  That’s not the point.  The point is that this is the last straw.  I will not keep putting money in the pockets of the American car companies and the UAW.  Those union fools make too much money anyway.

I’m about —–> <—— this close to just saying “screw it” and trading the shit heap in and buying a new car.  Before winter I would have to put 4 new tires on the car and I don’t want to waste any more money on this thing.

Oh well, lesson learned.

Unfortunately for Ford, GM, and Chrysler millions of people have learned the same lesson as I and will no longer buy from them.



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  1. Melissa

    Oh thats nothing…My 2003 Taurus has been in the shop over 30 times…

    Transmission let go at 40,000 miles $3,000
    Torque converter broke
    Starter went bad
    HORRIBLE GAS MILEage….fuel filters
    Spark plugs and cords
    new COIL
    it shakes so bad on the highway and my tires are 5 months old and the threads are already showing!
    air filter
    SO MANY electrical problems and one of them prevents me from even putting my car into drive or reverse TO MOVE!
    the list goes on…

    In fact…its being worked on right now! 🙂 I just love my ford taurus!

    I had a 1989 honda prelude back in the day…bought it brand new and its STILL RUNNING!

    I recommend honda all the way

  2. Bill

    Let’s all cry a little about having to do maintenance on our vehicles. My Taurus has 130,000 miles on it and I’m having to put in a power steering pump and altenator. People this is REGULAR MAINTENANCE. You will also hlave to do these things with foreign heaps as well. Get over it.

  3. Bill,

    Actually, you’re wrong. I know what regular maintenance is. However I have a 2003 Accord with 92,000 miles on it and we have not had to do anything to it but tires, oil change, and belts. I’ve not had to replace hoses, a fuel tank, and the assload of other shit that I had to with my Taurus.

    Both of My Honda’s are made in the USA right here in OHIO. Most Fords and GM’s are made in Canada and Mexico and some Pontiac’s are made in Austrailia and imported to the USA.

    You might want to do some research before spouting off the typical (buy american bullshit) and then saying that all the extra stuff I had to do to my Taurus is “regular maintenance”. Come on man. Did you actually read my post? So you think a fuel tank and a fuel pump and water pump are regular maintenance? Well if they are then that’s why Ford, GM and Chrysler are about to go out of business. Those things don’t start going bad on Honda’s and Toyota’s and Nissan’s until well after 100,000 miles.

    Heck I had a 1979 Malibu with 140,000 miles on it and it had a V6 and I didn’t have to replace as much shit as I did on my Taurus. Todays “so called” American made cars suck ass. The ones that are made in America (like Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai) are actually quite good.

    So, go bend the ear of someone who is a fucking moron and not an educated person like myself.

  4. I too have a 2001 Ford Taurus SES station wagon, and let me tell you how it’s the biggest piece of crap in the world. You can plug the car into any computer monitering system to observe it’s problems…but good luck fixing it. I just had everything replaced on it and now it’s even worse. SCREW AMERICAN CARS!

  5. will

    Yeah Honda is build in Ohio with american parts, taurus is built in US with all kinds of foreign parts. If we would use US parts in US cars then we would be a lot better off(Big 3).Thats why your 79 Malibu lasted, it was a true American! You’ll find most reliable foreign cars are made with american parts. Do your research,just because it’s Big 3 doesn’t mean it’s american…

  6. Tony

    Ford management needs to reveiw this forum to see why there sale are declining. I own a 2001 taurus in lest than 6 months i dump 4000.00 in a car with at that time had 88,0000 miles. my next vehicle will be a honda.

  7. Brian

    I have a 2001 Taurus SES sedan with almost 110K miles. The only problem I’ve had is the driver’s side rear window doesn’t roll down. I’ve never had a need to roll it down, so I don’t care. Other than that, it’s been a great car. I know problems happen to every vehicle, but this one has been good to me. I had a Lexus a few years ago that was one very expensive problem after another. Same with my Camry that I loved so much. Bottom line, not every single “American” car is shit, and not every “Japanese” car is gold. As they say, YMMV. (Your mileage may vary.)

  8. @Brian,

    That’s great. Now, just wait until your Taurus has 120,000 or 125,000 miles on it and then tell me how it’s doing. Seriously.

    Thanks for the comment.

  9. jennifer

    welll i have a 2001 ses and no matter what the transmission guy does the damn thing still leaks. it vibrates something fierce on the road — even with new shock, brakes, and everything else. i too have the same problem with my mirrors and my AC. now they are telling me that the number 1 cylinder is going bad thus causing the terrible performance of the car. and that doesnt include the egr valve that i have put in just because that is what the codes were throwing. spent 85 bucks on that crap. and the latest is they are telling is to replace the coil pack. and then to put the cherry on top — i cant get the damn key out of the ignition. it is stuck like chuck. ahh well lesson learned from buying a ford

    @bill — even though i am a girl i know my why around a car. and this is not regular maintenance trust me. unless you have a fully equiped garage and face it most of us dont — then this is certainly not regular maintenance.

    cheers and good luck with that ford — f&*ked over rebuilt dodge

  10. Dean Fujita

    Dave, The 2001 SES Ford Taurus is shit. With only a few hundred miles it blew a coolant hose which was not covered under warranty and cost over four hundred dollars to repair. Next came the power steering pump,coolant sending unit and the A/C compressor. It has leaked oil like a sieve since it was new. I personally change the oil with Valvoline every three thousand mile. It now has 102,000 miles and the engine is dead. My real pain is that we are bailing these assholes out.

  11. Jason

    I’ve got a 2003 Ford Taurus with 182,000 miles on it (yes, that’s accurate mileage) that I bought off lease in 2005 with 19,000 miles. I’m not sure what you guys are doing to your cars, but I’ve had no issues whatsoever with the car until last week, when my heater blower stopped working on all settings but high. That led me to do a search, where I’ve found this site.
    Granted, the majority of my driving is highway, but it’s been a great car, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another. The one problem I’ve had seems to be a blower motor resistor, which from what I can tell is a ten minute DIY repair, and costs under $30 for the part from the dealer. Not bad for a car as “bad” as the Taurus.
    Incidentally, the Taurus replaced my previous 2000 Toyota Camry, which blew its engine spontaneously, and at “only” 108,000 miles. Despite my meticulous service records, Toyota’s response amounted to “what do you expect, it’s got over 100K miles, and I didn’t even expect them to cover it under warranty, I just asked if they’d comp me a loaner car for a week while they fixed it.

  12. huntman58

    I also have a 2001 Taurus and we love it. it has over 90,000 mile so far and the only two problems we have had with it is one the fuel gage dose not work right ( reads 1/4 when empty ) and two the front brake rotors warped from aggressive driving with hard stopping . this was done not just a few times but from one drivers whole aggressive way of driving to the point they are not allowed to drive any more but that is it.; this is Taurus number two for us as our son now drives the 1996 one and has over 130,000 on it with only the cat having to be replaced at a 100,000 miles. this also go’s along with my 1993 ford explorer that has now over 200,000 miles with no motor work at all and yes on tyranny replacement in it . All three have not been maintained like they should have. Now I can say they have all out lasted and given less trouble then the Toyotas we have owned or the Hondas that my family has owned. any one saying they do not replace hoses every two years or a timing belt every 60,000 miles on there Honda’s or Toyotas are doing nothing but asking for trouble as they are normal maintenance items and as for the time belt not cheap to do. I for one after owning a Mazda and some other imports will not even buy any thing but American badge again and by the way you’re made in America import is not made with American parts it is only assembled here for the most part. Also for the most part any car will last if taken care of right and serviced under the owners manuals sever service time frames as that is how most normally drive as any thing short of one hour none stop 55 MPH diving is under the sever service and if you do your maintenance at the normal times again your not taking car of your car that’s like thinking you can let your oil change go for over 7,000 miles and then still only change the filter every other time. So get off the big three bashing the make a good car also and they make bad ones to just like any of the imports every worked on a KIA? Talk about an expensive car to maintenance or how about some imports that you have to take to the dealer only for a simple oil change because they have to lift the motor to do it. For all some talk of why the big three are having trouble now days well do not forget the same is also going on with the imports also only we do not hear about it as much because out government will not help them out like they are our own company’s and if you do not believe me just ask some of the workers that have been layed off because there not selling there cars also and there plants are not shutting down or closing down shifts I would love any one to show me a import that can match an American truck for power or towing . how about a import that will match the comfort and later parts availability to keep it on the road with out the high cost of imported parts or as some import makers do and make there parts dealer items only so yup no imports for me I like having my ability to tow and seat 6 people when needed in comfort! So may anti American liberals here and it is unreal how they will bash any thing red white and blue!

  13. mike

    i have a 2002 tarus se and it sucks. the trannie keeps redlining and it shifts really hard and now it wont shift into fifth gear. im going with honda . u.s cars suck. later ford.

  14. b16

    Every car has a problem check out these nightmares at Honda Toyota and Nissan. Engine exploding, fires, ect….

  15. b16,

    Very good link and good points.

    Yeah I’m not so amped up about my Honda anymore. I ended up buying a 2007 Accord SE V6 with 14,000 miles and it’s been good but it drives like crap in the winter due to the 17″ wheels and 50 series tires.

  16. Jen

    Personally, I think that everyone has a bitch about a car, doesn’t matter what car it is. Everyone I know loves their hondas, even the idiots I know. People that are so dumb they can’t hardboil an egg……

    I followed that link….that guy who said he did all the maintenance himself, then at 100K miles the transmission was shot- well boo freakin hoo. Same goes for the guy who needed a new trans. at 80K miles. For all I know, they could be those whacko drivers who shift gears all the time in an automatic and tailgate the paramedics.

    I may someday defect to Toyota or Nissan (only if they have some incredibly beautiful car that no one else has), but unless things change drastically, i.e. if hell does in fact freeze over, I’d rather drive a horse and carriage than any chevy, ford or dodge. I’ve driven a VW, chevy, mercury and a dodge, and none of them came close to the reliability of the three hondas I’ve driven. Actually, the VW was close…..

  17. Marty

    There is not a car maker out there that dose not have problems with some of there cars same for have a good ones. Most people think that the normal schedule of maintenance is the one to fallow in there owner books but to be honest almost all drivers should use the sever service one as that is what we drive, stop and go and such. As for tranny troubles how many really do fallow the full out line of maintenance for them same for the radiators and have them fully drained and flushed then refilled. I do not mean the fast oil change way but the real way pull the pan and drain it change the filter and such. That is the only way to do it right and that alone can save lots of problems down the line. As I said I have two Taurus’s both with high miles and no problems to speak of and an explorer with over 200,000 miles. My brother had a ford with over 600,000 miles and only a few minor problems and only change out for a doge after some one hit and totaled his truck. But my Mazda I was lucky to get 20,000 before it needed a motor and after two of them I gave the thing away .my other brother had a Honda that at 45,000 blew a motor because of a timing belt. So the fact is it is how you care for them and a bit of luck no mater who made it.

  18. DJ

    The majority of the Taurus comments and street comments are that the Taurus is a piece of shoddy shit. I have had many cars in the 43 years I have driven. The fords have been the shittiest, small interior components are very poorly constructed and the fit and finish is pathetic (i.e. door panels, dash, seats, components under hood, headlight buckets etc etc. Next vehich is a Honda…maybe the new Ford 500 is better but this 2001 LX Taurus is truly fuc### up ……true and sad deal, spen your money elsewhere.

  19. Bianca

    I have 215,000 miles on my Taurus SE and no major problems until recently. I’m going to change the transmission fluid, and hopefully it helps…

  20. jim

    Ford, gm, chrysler…the problem with their cars is that on average, they tend to have more problems than honda and toyota. As they get older, the cars tend to fall apart faster too. This is why honda and toyota cars have so much better resale value.

    Why is this? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect because many of the union guys putting them together just don’t care. They think they don’t have to. Unfortunately for them, even though they believe it won’t impact them since they are union, it eventually puts their company out of business along with their union.

    What’s the worst that could happen? They can’t go out of business because the feds will bail them out yet again.

  21. jim

    btw, I should probably mention that I currently own a tuarus, and I’m happy with it in that it hasn’t needed nearly as much repair work as many people here have suffered, and that there are only a few flaky things about the car.

  22. Jim

    I have had 3 tauras’s , no problems ,. Only thing on them it is minor if you step on brake 96-99 there is a sensor right above it if you crush it it won’t go in gear. It is a $5 part. They all have issue with gas guage never accurate, so I clock my miles if on “E” you have like 1.5 gallon. And they tend to lunge in gear, but get tranny fluid change like 40,000 miles seems to stop that.

  23. larry

    i have a 2001 for Taurus and it runs great and it has 163.000 miles on it. of course you are gonna have to fix things here and there but that’s with any car and its all about how u take care of it if u don’t maintain it the car its gonna have problems.

  24. Dominick

    I have a 2002 Ford Taurus SEL Premium that has been pretty good to me. My last service visit resulted in me spending over a thousand for a new pcm, ignition coils and throttle body. In 07, I fixed the oil seperator and some replaced some gasket pieces. In 08, I fixed the oil pan and there was a steering problem on the driver side because it would make a sound, which resulted in 1300 dollars worth of repairs. I am not putting no more money like that in this car so I just might sell it this year. My taurus has 139,000 miles and counting, all highway.

  25. Josh

    130,000 on my 01 SE with vulcan motor car is 8 years old has had a battery 1200 in engine work and 600 just recently for brakes, tranny fluid and ac recharge other than that the car is in great shape with just oil changes. Hope it keeps going. The taurus has its reliability issues but the fusion on the other hand is just as reliable if not more so than anything the japanese offer mine has 18k on it 2 years not an issue

    Taurus was a rental to and held up this well…

  26. i have owned 2 geo prizms and on both of them everything mechanical is a toyota part other then body shape and name are identical to the toyota corolla and i have owned a corolls as well 3 most dependable cars i have ever own none of the 3 has ever left me stranded on the side of the road…on the other hand i have owned a chrysler that left me straned on the side of the raod 2 times……..i owned 3 ford all of them left me stranded on the side of the road……one chevy thatthe motor blew in and a pontiac the was reliable even though it was the crappiest looking and smelling of the bunch i dont think i would ever buy american again ….after seeing what everyone has to say about the taurus i had the chance to buy an 01 se with 37k on it for 3 grand…….i dont feel like its worth the hassle now ty for all the junk drivers out there

  27. Maria

    Try having a 2001 Ford Taurus that has a leaking radiator hose that can ONLY be bought at the Ford dealership for $149.00! Replace it and an hour later the water pump is leaking!!!! The motot is a DOHC so that makes the damn parts higher!

  28. Jason

    I have a 2001 taurus SE, bought it used with 140,000 miles, got for an incredible price and I thought i was getting an awesome deal ‘ MISTAKEN. The rack and pinion went bad first, $800 bucks to repair it, I had align this shit like 3 times and It keeps pulling to the left side. Today I left me stranded for the 3rd time, had to take the bus to work, apparently ford had the awesome idea to place the starter below the oil filter, so if your filter leaks a little bit the starter will stop working GREAT!!

    Don’t even bother selling it, this cars have horrible resale value, take it to the junk yard!!

  29. Keith

    I am on my 3rd Taurus in 17 years. My current car is a 2002 SEL DOHC wagon with 140,000 km on it. I too have bitched over the years about repairs, but for the most part they have been minor. A transmission blew in my last 1999 model. I have a suspect tanny in my current model. Went in to a Transmission shop for a complete flush and fill. When they saw the bits of metal in the pan they said that a total flush might cause even greater problems and that this could only have been done safely when it had less than 100,000 kms on it. So they just replaced the fluid and filter and cleaned the pan. I am now hoping it will last me for another 100, 000 km.

    I am a big believer in regular maintenance, especially oil changes. I also change the fuel filter at least every 2 years and get brakes and exhaust systems checked regularly. First time a “Check Engine” light comes on its right into see my mechanic. Alignment every couple of years or when I feel the wheels “pulling” or see that the tires are scrubing. Most importantly I don’t drive the car hard. I am conscious of every odd sounding noise coming from the car and if it sounds unusual I start asking my mechanic questions and get it looked at if necessary. I may seem a little obsessive to some, but I have been told by mechanics and body shops that my car is in exceptionally good shape for its age. Yes, it has cost me some money to keep it this way, but I’ll probably get to keep driving the car longer than most. Would I buy another Taurus, or Ford… probably not as I’m just a little peeved as some others, that have said that there Tarus just doesn’t retain its value, like most Japanese models do. I’m now deciding, should I “drive it into the ground” or get rid of it before a big expense happens. Yes, Fords aren’t for everyone, but at least I got to know the model , how to do some minor repairs myself and what to watch out for. Sometimes it’s “better the devil you know”.

  30. mike

    i think you’re wrong…. i owned a 1996 ford taurus with 160,000 on it for a year and a half, and that thing ran like a champ. I ENJOYED doing maint. on it because it ran so well… DOHC V6 very sporty…. the duratec engine is bullet proof; the OUTSIDE is the first thing to go and rust cause it last… people don’t realize you need to take care of car and maintain them. not beat up on them. they’re good cars; affordable unlike the eastern models that are so much more $$.. good car….

  31. william

    I have a 2001 Ford Taurus ses with approx 223,000 miles on it and it purrs like a kitten. Then again I also take care of my vehicle i.e. oil changes every 2500 miles, regular schedule tune-ups, use only premium gasoline, vacuum and clean out the interior on a daily basis, etc. I have no idea what some of the previous people are talking about. I have several friends who also drive Taurus and they love theirs as well. If you take care of your vehicle it will take care of you…taking care of your vehicle doesn’t mean waiting until you hear a funny noise and then take it to the shop. Taking care of your vehicle means actually reading the owners manual (the thing in the glove compartment) and following the recommendations set forth by the manufacturer….

  32. Doug

    I have a 2001 Taurus SEL with 120K miles and a 1999 Protege with 259K miles. I buy cars new and do all my own maintenance once out of warranty. My protege is a better designed and built car. The Taurus was deliberately designed so weekend mechanics will have difficulty doing anything other than routine maintenance. They designed the Taurus to run great for about 100K miles, then fall apart. It is obvious Ford wants to make their money off of part sales. They also want to ensure the dealerships are happy by designing things that with too little clearance to service without taking half the car apart. They use special fasteners left and right. I dread every time I have to work on it. The Mazda is easy to work on and designed for serviceability. I haven’t had to make any unexpected repairs on either vehicle because I keep them well maintained and I drive easy.

  33. brian

    i have a 2001taurus ses with 97k. last year did complete front suspension . My cost with help from a friend(certifiedd) cost $1100.00 Local shop wanted $2150.00. This did not incude the struts, they were already done at 50k. This job included everything for the drive axle also which one side nearly feel off. Its oct. 2009 now and just got done replacing front seal and oil pan gasket. I did it for less than $100.00 Shop wanted over$1000.00 Now i working on heat. Already did thermastat now doing heater core/pump/radiator?. Dealing with a gas leak also. Car is vibrating prior to the work i just did. Oh yeah just replaced all wires and plugs last year. The rear quarter panels are rusting heavy behind pass. door. Just replaced sway bars again(got 10k miles on the last new ones.) Hard to get rid of the peice of shit with so much time and money in it. Going to need exhuast asap, when does the money pit stop. Our toyota(1990 supra drove it hard and did nothing but brakes and oil changes and a starter. Ist ford ive owned and last, and ive been driving for 30yrs. Oh yeah we bought the car with 12k on it, original miles? from a dealer. HATE THIS CAR!! E-mail me with any questions, ive been through it all.

  34. Dave

    Didn’t bother reading the whole thread because I just want to offer up some basic info…

    I have a 2001 Ford Taurus SES, U Vin V6 with 185,000 *hard* miles on it (wife drives [er beats the hell out of] it).

    Replaced torsion bar (wifey hit curb)
    Flushed cooling system, replaced thermo, temp sensor, upper/lower rad hoses, radiator, water pump
    Replaced serp belt and tensioner (at 140k miles)
    Changed oil every 3k to 5k miles w filter, (Valvoline/FRAM)
    Replaced air filter every 30k miles
    Changed plugs and wires twice
    Changed brake pads/shoes turned rotors/drums twice
    Changed tires twice
    Installed after market stereo

    Car is currently:
    clean and looks like new; never wrecked/dinged/etc.
    works perfectly inside and out
    gets 19 city and 24 hwy
    will need half shafts in the next 10k miles
    is due for a brake job
    has no blow by and burns no oil and has no leaks
    transmission works flawlessly

    Cost less to drive per mile over the life of the vehicle than *any* import.

    Suggest you invoke *lemon law* given the problems stated by several of you in this thread. Problem is not the car, it is the quality control. BTW, Ford has made soooo many of these cars it doesn’t amaze me that a significant number of them have had issues. ALSO, and very importantly…this car has evolved many times over many years to reach a very high level of customer satisfaction, albeit somewhat based largely on fleet deployments in later years (car has little to no sex appeal). For comparison, look up the reliability and customer satisfaction of the *first* Honda Civics imported during the 70’s…..I’ll save you the effort…they were basically a “P.O.S.”….

    One last thought….Maintenance and proactive consumer responsibility…. Maintain your vehicle and if you get a crappy unit delivered, exercise your consumer rights to get it replaced.

    This is just my opinion…I could be wrong….but I have been working on and building *all* kinds of cars, foreign and domestic for 40+ years and I have owned more foreign and domestic cars personally than I care to admit.

    BTW, if you are going to buy foreign, get a Subaru…..

  35. tom

    i have an 04 sable, have 140,000 i love the car has not given me any trouble. this is my second one. i do recommend the 24 valve, its a great motor. i guess u cant please everyone, we all find things wrong, how about toyotas problems now? most of the people that hate american cars might forget toyotas and a lot of others are made gere too lol now i am a type of person, that wont buy something because of where its made, if its made in alaska, thats ok, as long as i like it. i am not a buy american made nutcase, just buy whatever u want i do love my car, its really nice all leather, and all the goodies, plus its a real sleeper. but i know everyone has different luck with these cars.

  36. tom

    i have an 04 sable, have 140,000 i love the car has not given me any trouble. this is my second one. i do recommend the 24 valve, its a great motor. i guess u cant please everyone, we all find things wrong, how about toyotas problems now? most of the people that hate american cars might forget toyotas and a lot of others are made here too lol now i am a type of person, that wont buy something because of where its made, if its made in alaska, thats ok, as long as i like it. i am not a buy american made nutcase, just buy whatever u want . i do love my car, its really nice all leather, and all the goodies, plus its a real sleeper. but i know everyone has different luck with these cars.

  37. donnie

    i’ve had my 2001 taurus for a little over a year now and only had to replace the fuel pump and thermostat so far… car has at least 150k miles on it and i bought it used. i don’t see what the fuss is over all this (my taurus sucks) stuff… i think it’s how the person drives the car that makes it where you have to replace so much… honestly the first post (found a broken spring laying infront of the frontal crash sensor) really, those don’t JUST break by mere chance (too rough) is what i think it is. i’ve replaced the parts i mentioned above problems are solved and i’ve not replaced my oil yet or any other fluids aside from the antifreeze when i replaced my water pump.

    i think those who have THAT many problems with a car and then whine about it just drive there cars like they are stock cars in a race or something similar and the car can’t take it. get over fix the problems or get another car, don’t try telling everyone that that particular model make or anything else is a piece of crap… take care of your car and it won’t break so often. i don’t drive like some grandma or anything but i don’t over do it either. and in some cases like mine grandma’s don’t always go slow lmao… point is stop whining and either fix it or get rid of it but just don’t try make people think (this make/model sucks don’t buy it)

    i love my taurus and maybe i can’t win any races with it on the bypass or interstate but it gets me where i need to go without so many problems like the guy in the first post.

  38. donnie

    last post needs a correction sorry. change fuel pump to water pump lol brain got scrambled a little there need sleep. anyway only two problems after a year and a half or so that’s normal.

  39. donnie,

    Just wanted to let you know that I do not drive my car like a stock car. My Honda Accord that I am currently driving now has 52,000 miles on it. I still have 52% of my brakes. I drive 70 miles a day on the turnpike so my cars do not get driven hard. I guess time will tell when I get 100k on my current 2007 Honda Accord.

    I do agree with you however that there are a lot of people that complain but they drive the cars into the ground. I am not one of those folks. I think I just got a Taurus that was built on a Friday or a Monday. 😉

  40. Jennifer

    I own a 2001 Ford Taurus and I just wanted to say that Ive owned my car for about 3 years and I only had to have the alignment welded which was a pain but other than that I have not had any problems with my Taurus.

  41. mercuryman

    i have an 04 sable, basically the same car, and i have 150,000 miles on it., i love the car. its got the 24 valve motor, which is very quick. many cannot believ how fast the car can get up and go, its a sleeper. just had tranny rebuilt at 140,000. i bought it used. it runs great and i love the way it looks. now i believe all cars have their problems, gm included for u ford haters. we had gm cars and had more problems than other cars. to me honda makes good cars, but i just dont think any of them are truely beautiful. just an accuired taste shape wise. to each their own. u cannot make everyone happy no matter what a car looks like. i feel this is a free country and we should buy whatever car we want no matter where they are made. i have to mercury cars, not because i care that they are made in the usa, but because i just happen to like them. my other is a 1990 grand marquis. over 200,000 mils. love the car. no problems. i also feel many people drive their cars very hard then wonder why they fail. of course this can happen with any car no matter what brand.

  42. Fordman

    Sounds like some mechanics know how to take some peoples money. I’ve got a 1996 taurus and have done the maintenance on mine myself and have 190000 thousand trouble free miles on this car and drive it every day. Great car and gets 23 to 27 mpg combined driving. From what I see and have seen is most mechanics not all usually create problems when servicing vehicles, and that goes for the dealers too. I’ve done manufacturing maintenance work for 30 years and have seen it all. Find a good mechanic that is reputable and let that be the only person to work on your car. Most problems with cars are simple if they are not continually abused.

  43. Stephanie

    Wow, I thought I was the only one that had that many problems with a Taurus. Mine is a 2001 SE 3.0 V6 and has been a good car for the last 5 years, I bought it used. A year after I bought it I replaced the rack and pinion, year 2 the passenger side hub oh and in between year 1 and 2 had the damn car aligned probably 20 times and bought countless amounts of tired, due to the fact that the jackass that did the rack and pinion DID NOT align it!
    Now all at once…the engine light came on and the trans axle light also. We had it hooked up to those little machines that will “tell you what is wrong with your car” Bullshit! They will give you a PO123 code..which is a generic code and only means this is what COULD be wrong with your car. So I was told at this point, You cylinder 1 is misfiring, catalytic converter is clogged, and trans axle is slipping gear 1. ALL that from a machine with generic codes. So I went from place to place asking question after question the story changed a little but was basically the same thing, until I spoke to a guy in my neighborhood that said do a tuneup, oil change and your brakes(needed those done) if there are still problems we will look further. So I did and NOW the coolant is overflowing and it smells like the car is on fire under the hood. So maybe the damn water pump is going now…Who knows. Moral of this story is I am a woman and when I walked into these garages everyone of those men did not want to listen to ME they looked under the hood and TOLD me what needed to be done before I even told them what was wrong. They might have had a car to work on and made some money, but they are idiots to think because I am a woman I am just going to say, “okay please please fix my car kind sir!” My father did not raise an idiot and it pisses me off that they insult my intelligence. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I agree with the American cars suck theory. Heheh Sorry I guess I needed to vent a little :>

  44. Christopher Almeida

    2001 ford Taurus had it now for about 4 years no major problems to report. bought it with 78,000 miles on it. Now has 190,545 miles on it to date love my car. Just take care of your car and it will take care of you.

  45. I just bought a 2001 Ford Taurus SES with 166,000 miles on it and it runs great. The gas mileage is still great, and so far I haven’t had any problems with it. The people who had it before me must’ve taken superb care of it, because, besides a few dings, there isn’t a thing wrong with it.

  46. Brittany

    Well, to anyone that complains about the Ford Taurus, I have a 2001 Ford Taurus that has well over 200.000 miles on it, the only thing i’ve ever replaced was struts and tires, and that people is regular, not to mention its been wrecked not 1 time but 2 times, for everyone that wants to get on the internet and cry about a crappy car, you really need to think twice, maybe its not the car, maybe its the owner, if you don’t drive your vehicle correctly and keep up on regular work to your car, newsflash its going to tear up, maybe you all should think about that, its not tearing up because its american made and its not staying good because its from over seas. the fact of the matter is that its tearing up because you are not doing something proper.

  47. Allen

    WOW, yes cars do need fixing. Some much more than others. I purchased a 1996 Taurus GL 3.0 OHV with about 72k miles in 2007. Only now after almost 4 years am I getting it “right”. From my experience with this Taurus it seems most of the major issues could have bee avoided with regular maintenance. I also have an assload of repairs I have done to this car myself, I will probably have to be buried in it to get my money out of it. First of all, the previous owner took great care of the interior and finish of the car. I bought a “pretty” car. Dumb dumb dumb. I do not think the anti-freeze or transmission fluid had ever been changed. Here’s my list: Full transmission rebuild and upgrade by a friend who owns a transmission shop. These transmissions have soft and mushy shifts from the factory. I had my guy increase shift speed and apply and upgrade kit to update any know factory bugs. Replaced the radiator, hoses, heater core and water pump twice. The inside of my engine was full of rust which clogged up the heater cores and radiator. Alternator, battery, starter, Cam position sensor, valve cover gaskets replaced. Sway bar end links, lower ball joints, 3 sets of rotors ( this car eats rotors) as they are undersized and warp from heat very often. Calipers, pads, rear shoes. Fuel filter, air filter, Motorcraft plugs. I use Mobil 1 0-30 full synthetic oil with Fram toughguard filters every 3k miles. I just put on both drive axle half shafts and front wheel bearing hubs to get rid of a vibration. I have installed a Sony CD-USB capable stereo and and looking to replace the factory speakers. I also put on a set of 18×8″ RIMs with 225-40ZR Khumo tires. After all this work I must say this car’s ride is silky smooth on the road and dead silence with not a creak, groan or odd noise to be heard. Now that I have rid myself of that annoying wheel vibration, I find it a pleasure to drive most anywhere. The new wheels and performance touring tires really made the difference on this Taurus. I will hopefully drive it for a number of years now. Good luck everyone.

  48. jay

    I have a 2001 Taurus sel and nothing has been changed. nothing has gone bad and has 132000 miles.

  49. JON

    I get tired of hearing about the american car companies making bad car and our government making them tell the american people they are sorry for making a sub standered car Bull CRAP. I own a 1998 astro van with 232,000 miles on the org. motor & trans the only thing i had to replace is the rear end @ 220,000 and the radiator @ 210,000. And i also have a 2001 Ford Taurus with 243,000 miles the only thing of any
    major expence was having the trans rebuilt @ 175,000 over all I think its about how you take care on the car over the life on the car . most people will drive the crap out a car and complain when it breaks down.

  50. Steve Taylor

    2001 Taurus SES. Paid $5,000 3 years ago and it had 61k on it. Did someone say maintenance? I paid a Ford dealer $400 last year for complete transmission service. Today at 92,006 miles the transmission failed completely. No forward, no reverse. $120 to tow it home. Suspension springs and struts replaced two years ago, both broken $600 ( they were recalled). A/C compressor, $800. Alternator, $300. Maintenance? BS. It’s a piece of poorly built garbage. Even the simulated leather liners on the door panels peeled off by themselves. Now a transmission for $2500? No way. Spending another $100 on this junk would be like flushing it down a toilet. Now I have to pay someone to haul this money-sucking piece of crap to a scrap yard. American cars are union built garbage.

    I have a 1989 Toyota Celica with 240,000 miles and it is still running strong at 30 miles per gallon. 22 years old and runs like new. Next purchase will be a Camry or a Corolla.

    I always knew that GM was garbage, but I thought Ford still had some integrity. Never again.

  51. Ryan

    I have owned a 2001 Ford Taurus SE since it was 1 year old. The only things I have ever done to it are . . . an alternator at 70K (the bearing was squealing, it didn’t fail), and a water pump at 80K. I have changed the front brake pads, fuel filter, and oil, as well as two sets of tires. It is one of the best cars I have ever owned as far as reliability. But it’s also one of the least optioned cars I have ever owned. The more options you have the more stuff will eventually break. I don’t have ABS, traction control, power seats, or sunroof and I don’t have to worry about any of those things breaking. I would choose to have manual window cranks too if it was available 2001. Also I paid $14K in 2001 for an 11 month old car that stickered for $20,800. You get what you pay for. A 2001 Toyota Camry would have been $17 to $18K still at only 11 months old used assuming it had the same sticker price of $20,800 which it was probably way more than that. You can buy new import cars at sticker price and I will continue to buy new American cars at 1% under invoice, worst case scenario. True cost of ownership includes repairs but it also includes the price of the car. Go to a Toyota dealer and ask the salesperson how much a car is and he will look at the sticker and tell you. Go to a Ford dealer and ask the salesperson how much a car is and he will automatically quote you invoice price. A $23,000 Toyota Camry is going to cost more to own than an $18,000 Ford Taurus unless you get a real lemon.

  52. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have posted. This is one of the most active posts on my blog. I welcome good debate and conversation. it’s nice to see folks defending both sides.

    What’s funny is that now I’ve had my Honda Accord (2007 SE V6 Sedan) for a couple years I love it. I however miss the less bumpy ride and more “floaty” feeling of the older American cars. I also really like the look of the new Taurus. Wouldn’t that be funny if I bought a Taurus next year?!?!

  53. pascual

    i have a 96 taurus lx duratec bought it at 159k now it has 198k hope it will reach to 300k. did maintenance on the ffg:

    wheel alignment, o2 sensor , re faced the disc brake.

    check engine is on for two years now but still run like new so im not bother about it , steering wheel vibrates when braking hard so i would go and see a mechanic for this problem next week.I love this car because it is comfy to drive. I would drive this to the ground before considering to buy another car…

  54. pascual


    did oil change every 6000km,change tranny oil at 165k since I bought this car without any service history lol. hope I am lucky ; )

  55. Eddie

    I have a 2001 Ford Taurus SES Sedan … I bought the car at the end of September and two weeks later I got the feeling the transmission is starting to fail. It started leaking transmission fluid so I took it to Cottmans transmission and they said it might be the torque converter, pump or seal or a combination of all three. The power steering pump went out I replaced it and a hour later the new one I bought went out. This list goes on and on. I’m through with it already don’t want to waste no more money on it going get a 2010 Nissan maxima! P.s. Ford cars are hard to work on Gm cars are a lot easier to manage…These taurus cars are problem cars and Im from new orleans so when hurricane season comes back around this piece of shit would be gone it was have me stuck the fuck out and stranded some where.

  56. Eddie

    After reading some more comments I thought I should write again….. First of all after my mother first car which was a ford gave her similar problems to mines which my 2001 ford Taurus SES is my first car… I had the nerve to go out there an buy this piece of shit I’m so upset words can’t explain. The transmission completely FAILED one day when I was not 5 miles not 10 miles but 50 miles away from home and it seems these cars go out on you at the wrong fuckin time. No reverse or drive and I bought it with 140xxx miles on it and I’m pretty sure this car had more than one transmission in it. The power steering pump which I noticed had never been changed its a 10 year old car with the same manufactured power steering pump. So I bought a brand new one and the new one went out after I drove it for an hour. Not to mention the shocks are bad on all four cv axles coil springs sensors alignment etc. this car is a death sentence when it rains the front wheels slips a little when I’m on the interstate and I roll over a metal plate I can feel the car break traction…. The fuckin car shuts of when I hit a bump too hard…. Electrical problem? This scenario doesn’t have an end and I’m not investing another dime it’s getting junked ASAP! #Team Fuck Ford!

  57. Eddie

    Smfh. Ford claims that when their crappy ass transmissions on these Taurus goes, it’s because the routine maintenance wasn’t taking care of. But a transmission going out at 40 – 60k miles is anything but routine. This is bullshit fuck ford.

  58. Perry Moulton

    I’m sorry for all you folks who’ve had problems with your Ford Taurus’. l am a Ford man through and through and have stepped over to GM products a time or two but the Ford is what l return to. I’ve owned 2 Bronco 2’s that combined had close to 700,000 miles on them. I recently had a 1985 Mustang LX 4 cylinder 4 speed original that got me down the road at 43 mpg’s, it wouldn’t win a beauty contest by no means but it served me very well. I appreciate the support that you show for America when you go out and buy a foreign product smooth move exlax.

  59. I liked up to you will receive carried out right here. The comic strip is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. nevertheless, you command get got an impatience over that you want be delivering the following. sick indubitably come further in the past once more since exactly the similar nearly very regularly inside of case you defend this increase.

  60. manny

    I have a 96 ford Taurus has 85,000 power steering acting up the shop told its the rack and pinion really ford sucks 85,000 and i have to replace the rack and pinion

  61. Kevin D.

    My wife has a 2001 Ford Taurus. She’s had it for over 2yrs. and was a really good car at first. First problem was the car would not go out of park without playing with the brake pedal untill I realized the brake light flickering so I replaced the brake light switch and problem solved. Couple weeks later replaced brakes and rotors and pulled the car around to the front and shift cable happened to break. Car went good for a year after then shit hit the fan. Running rough with engine light on. Misfire on Cyl 1&3. Replaced coil pack didn’t work. Plugs and wires didn’t work. Blown head gasket. Cost me about $700 for parts and fixed it myself. Still ran rough and took it to the shop and compression check was low on 2 cyl. Put oil in those cylinders and compression came up so that means cracked rings. Now that me and my wife are back to broke I told her to drive it anyways because the damage is already done. Now the power steering was making that famous Ford whining noise and getting tougher to turn so today I took off work and replaced power steering pump. Still no good news. Now I’m thinking the rack and pinion. Oh, I replaced the AC pump 3 months ago. I have so much money wrapped up in this I don,t know what to do. Now that it’s not running 100% I know trade in is worthless. Don’t have the money to fix it and really can’t afford payments. Really sucks how these “American Made” vehichles really don’t last anymore and are not very simple to work on. I have a 99 Dodge with a Cummings deisel and is twice as easy to work on. Hands are always bloody when pulling them out of the Taurus lol.

  62. 294,000 miles, less than 10, yes I said 10, oil changes on a 2001 Ford Taurus type U, 3.0 v6. Bought new in 2001 in Indy. All fluids changed to Amsoil at around 6K. worst thing on the car is the sway bar ends! Other than that this car still is running the original engine and transmission. I had to put a timing cover gasket on her 2 weeks ago. Just replaced the coil pack and the spark plug wires last year! Regular maintenance is the key. My daughter now drives old Goldie everyday 50 miles round trip. The seat material on this car must be made of iron,as the interior still looks as new! Body is starting to rust a little. A friend of mine in the salvage business says he can’t give a 3.0 Taurus engine away! No call for one! Most people buy something they never know anything about and expect great things from it! I think some of you just have a dark cloud following you around! Get a horse!

  63. Melissa

    Geez! Everyone keeps expecting a perfect car. If you don’t want any car problems then deal with public transportation or walk. America is so out of shape it might be good for people to just walk or ride a bike to work…

  64. tom

    Well fortunately I have never had a problem with 200 thousand miles I love mine.

  65. John

    Highest maintenance car in my fleet of three 01 Ford Taurus 112k , 06 Toyota matrix 125 k 01 Mazda mpv 145k.

    The list is long on the Taurus

    This thing eat tires for lunch hoping some suspension work and the alignment fixes that

    needs Rear Struts
    needs Rear Springs

    Just done
    Ball joints for second time
    Wheel bearings
    Front axels

    Other repairs
    Front Springs” A Recall”
    Water pump
    Timing chain cover gasket
    Heater core.
    And on and on
    They also do not survive in the rust belt
    Leaks for somwhere and gets the water in the floorpan wet when it rain
    and other stuff
    Probably more I cant remember

    Toyota on the other hand just replaced original battery

    Oil changes

    Needs 2 new tires for winter


    Rear heat lines
    Power window motor

  66. eddie norton

    me and my dad have been car dealers all our lives. we have been priveledge to own and or extensively drive almost every make of car in the world, that includes muscle cars too. I do not care what anyone says. I can say for a fact that a u.s. vehicle no matter whether the factory is in canada or mexico, are the best in the world, bar none.. I learned the hard way through hands on experience….did you.

  67. Vince

    i think tarus is a cool car my grandma gave me hers when i was 16 it was reel nice and was pretty fast to i built my first subwoofer inclurser and had 6000 watt pioneer audio in my tarus it reely tured heads unfortually it pooped a headgasket when i was racing a buddy in a crown vic introcepter he got of course he beat me old school tarus still looks way cool i dont like the new one cause it s to fat but there reel fast

  68. Vince,

    Damn dude, learn to type, write, and make proper sentence structure. You eating meth by the cup?

  69. john

    Posted nov 2012, Sold Taurus, replaced with Toyota same age more miles. Bad marketing idea build cars that dont last and riddled with frequent repairs ond poor overall build.
    Last Ford for me ever.
    Have two Toyotas and a Mazda great build and reliable minimal repairs.
    Next car will be a Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda.

  70. Old Cuss

    Over 50 years motor car experience has taught me you’ll spend WAY more money keeping a damned Ford going than a comparable GM car, just the way it is Folks ! You Bet !!! I hear the stories from a Few who get stunning reliability – dependability from their Fords, , , , , , but they’re mighty few and far between !! !! !!

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