Little things that make you thankful.

often we all get in our own little selfish worlds and we forget how good we have it.  I make this mistake as much as everyone else.

This morning on the way to work I came upon a traffic jam and soon realized that it was due to an accident.  A Metro Life Flight helicopter landed on the highway and took someone to a hospital.  I prayed for the people involved in the accident and then immediately became thankful for my own life.

This particular incident made me realize how awesome we humans can be when we are at our best.  A freaking helicopter landed in the middle of the highway because they needed to save a persons life.  That kicks ass.  The pilots, the medical crew on board, the police, EMT’s and fireman helping out all were doing an awesome job.  As I looked at people in the cars around me and it appeared that nobody was upset or mad that we were at a dead stop on the highway. We were going to be late.  Usually people are beeping and throwing their hands up in the air etc.  I’m sure that these people realized that it could have been them and that getting to work “on time” today wasn’t important.  It could wait.

I hope the person(s) that were hurt in this accident are alright and that they live.

I was late to work today and I was thankful that I was late.

As I walked during my lunchtime the other day at work I got a chance to stop and look at some Canadian geese that were bathing in a pond.  They were jumping into the pond and flapping around and then getting out and flapping their wings and then pruning themselves.  It was beautiful.  I was probably about 30 feet from them.  I was thankful to have seen them.

I am thankful today.


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