The Demise of Microsoft

I came across this blog entry reading stuff on the web one day. It’s an interesting article from someone who proclaims to work for Microsoft. I don’t doubt that they do I am just saying that I don’t know for a fact that they do.

The stuff that this guy mentions are all true.

Take a look at this blog to see what I mean

I think Microsoft is slowly going down the toilet. I mean no other time in history have companies like Dell and Gateway offered to still install the previous OS (Windows XP) when a newer OS (Windows Vista) is out. Dell had previously disallowed people to purchase new systems with Windows XP. They ended up making it an option again after so many people complained. I guess Microsoft can now subtract all of the so called “passive” installs of Vista that would be running because it came pre-installed on a new computer. Vista is a huge flop and Microsoft is going to pay for it in a big way. They made their bed……they can lie in it.

With that said, the workstation sitting directly to the right of me, is running Ubuntu Linux. It’s a spare workstation I use for surfing the web, checking email, instant messaging, etc. It works very well and I have had no problems at all with it. In fact it’s been up now for 35 days.

If I left even my Windows XP box up for 35 days I would have had to reboot it simply for updates needed. Heck even poorly written applications with memory leaks would have made me reboot the computer at least every couple days. I leave my main computer at home on 24/7/365, but since it’s XP Pro it needs rebooted every couple days.


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  1. There’s a lot of shill posting going on. But, when you look at the facts, it sure makes Microsoft look bad. We just set up a Vista machine for a client. It was a E-Machines out of the box (barely meet Microsoft’s recommendations on hardware). It took, no joke, 20 minutes for the first boot. Plus about 25 minutes to install a Lexmark driver (“Vista Ready” … no exaggeration). I don’t think people are ready to shell out a grand on a machine just because the graphics are better. On top of that, manufacturers are trying to keep similar price points which means that the majority of machines being shipping are running on bare minimums. XP is pretty stable (though I’d rather be using *nix or OS X). Even OS X, though primitive when it first came out, was much more advanced than XP. I read a post referring to all the ‘great’ things Microsoft has done over the years… XP… Outlook… Microsoft Office… If you compare with progress of other companies I think you’ll find Microsoft is living in the dark ages. They are trying to make us think that Vista is what we need… when it doesn’t do what we want it to do… and that is, make our lives simpler. Gotta give it to Mac on this one, seems to me that’s is more stable (can’t remember last time I rebooted, but at least 2 weeks ago) and a bit easier to use. In my opinion, even Microsoft Office runs better on Mac. Well, that’s my 2 cents.

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