Bye Bye Vista, Hello again XP Pro. :-)

Yeah, after using Windows Vista Business for 2 months I officially hate it.  After it lost (destroyed) my profile I had just had it.  Then I find out from another co-worker that is testing Vista on his laptop also that he had his profile lost just like I did one morning.  We both searched the web to find that it’s happening to others too.

I realize I can backup my profile but this is simply not acceptable.

After reloading my laptop with XP Pro w/SP2, and applying about 82 Windows Updates all feels good again.  I spent about 6 hours reloading applications and tweaking it and now it feels like home again.  I used Ghost™ of course when I was done building it to throw an image of my PC up to the network as a backup.  I didn’t Ghost™ it before I loaded Vista because I put waaaaaaay too much trust in Microsoft and their new operating system.  Yeah…..not going to do that again.

My next computer is going to be an Apple.  Microsoft helped push me in that direction even more with Windows Vista.



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3 responses to “Bye Bye Vista, Hello again XP Pro. :-)

  1. Jim

    My thoughts exactly. Vista came with my new HP laptop. It was fun for about three weeks, now I can’t wait to get to off. Downloaded XP drivers and I am getting ready to format as I write this.

  2. Jaybee

    Me too,

    Bought a laptop. Wanted XP but nobody had one. Got Vista Basic. What a POS! Talk about Nannying and annoying and S L O W to boot up and open stuff. It was so slow that it was slower than the 4 yr old noteboox running XP it replaced.

    XP goes on tomorrow. Can’t wait to get rid of Vista. Windows 7 better be good else i’m off to a Mac too.

  3. achugh

    Count me in for this one…I had Vista Home Basic on my Dell Vostro laptop…oh boy…it was simply aweful…the day Windows 7 was released as Beta…I simply moved on to it and loved it. Speed was awesome, boot was quicker, and no memory problem. Things just started to work…now I am on to RC of Windows 7 and still loving it…Windows Vista – I have just stayed away as much as I could.

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