Windows Vista lost my profile

So this afternoon I fire up my laptop and log in. One big problem… looks like someone reloaded my laptop.

I used my laptop last night around 10pm and shut it down like normal. I had not used it since. There was nothing in my profile, except the default desktop icons. My favorites were all gone. My Firefox bookmarks were all gone. Everything in my “Documents” folder was gone.

The applications were still installed but my profile was gone. So for example, Outlook 2007 was there but it wasn’t set up for my email at all. So, all my email was also gone.

This is so awesome. I love this new feature of Windows Vista. What is it called? Windows Vista Super Data Protection Service?

Actually this sucks ass. Luckily since it’s my work laptop I can just rebuild it and I have all my email on the Exchange server at work. All my important documents etc, are on my network drive at work also. I know this because I’m the network analyst who manages the Exchange 2003 server cluster and also our home drives. 🙂

What’s funny is that previously I hated Windows Vista quite a bit. So do I reload my laptop with Windows XP Pro again or just redo everything in my profile? There are a few things I like about Vista so I may just keep it.

So far here is what I like about Vista:

1. I like how in my “Computer” it shows a bar graph for the fullness of the drives.

2. I like the widgets.

3. I like how pretty it all looks

4. I like that after I load it I don’t have to apply 82 Microsoft Updates like I do with Windows XP SP2.

5. I like that it finds more of my hardware so I have to install less drivers.

I know, it’s not much but what the heck.

Update on 5/9/2007

I noticed that I’m getting a lot of hits on this particular post.  I decided to update this post and give more information.

I am no longer running Vista, if you’ve not read any of my other entries.  I reloaded my laptop with Windows XP w/SP2.  It runs much better again and stuff works.

Funny thing, I came in to work the other day and was talking to my manager and we were just shooting the shit about Windows Vista and other things and I told him about how Vista lost my profile.  Suprised, he pipes up and says that the same thing just happened to him.  I’m like “are you kidding dude”?  He lost everything in his profile too and had to redo his profile again.  Now he backs his profile up just in case it happens again.

I have never had to backup a profile in Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.  I have never had Windows lose my profile in any other OS other than Vista.  Obviously if it was a common thing in the past I would have known to backup my profile.  So I guess now if you run Vista, you should at least backup your profile once you have it all set like you like it.

Click here to see another person having the same problem.

I have searched Google, Yahoo, and the Microsoft knowledge base countless times and not even Microsoft has anything on this problem yet.  This is unacceptable for an operating system to lose your entire profile.

One last thing I should mention is that I had System Restore turned off.  In the past I have had nothing but problems with System Restore within Windows XP.  Maybe if I would have had System Restore running in Windows Vista when it lost my profile I could have restored my profile from an earlier date.  I don’t know.  I’m half tempted to reinstall Vista and leave System Restore on.  The problem is that System Restore usually is a problem because it hogs system resources and it can be a problem if your PC gets infected with a Virus or Malware.  Reason being is that it stores copies of the Virus or Malware in the restore points.

I’ll probably reinstall Windows Vista just because I can’t stand to not have the latest and greatest.  Then again, I’m just an anal retentive network/server guy. 😉


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