Verizon store – designed by idiots

So I needed to get a new charger for my LG VX8300 phone.  My wife stopped at our local Verizon store to get one for me (which I really appreciate).

She had a very poopy experience.

She walked into the store and was greeted by an employee who asked what she needed help with.  She told the woman that she wanted a charger for an LG VX8300 phone.  The woman walked her over to a kiosk type terminal and said “Ok, just put your information here and it will give you a number.  We’ll help you when your number is called”.  My wife was like did the stupid thing and took a number.

My wife waited there for about 20 minutes and then went to tell the woman that if she waited there any longer and found out that they didn’t have the charger they would have to call the police because they would have one pissed off woman in the store.  The lady from Verizon then went in the back to confirm that they had the charger. 

So after about 35 minutes of just waiting my wife finally got the charger and was able to leave.

I would like to know who in blue hell designed this way of helping people?  It is a really beautiful way to treat your customers.  I’m sure that if there is a “new customer” that wants to buy a new phone and get a “plan” they are helped first.  Nice that existing customers just get the screw job.

There always seems to be about 4 Verizon employees working in the store.  How about you have one person that works on “billing questions/problems”, two that work on “new customers”, and another that works on “accessories”?  Would that make too much sense to do?  Instead you have 3 people that look like they have no idea what they are doing while 1 person sorta looks like they may know what they are doing.  All the while,15 customers just stand around like cattle.



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2 responses to “Verizon store – designed by idiots

  1. Wife of Dave

    The one thing I’d like to add is this- I’m a pretty observant technically-literate consumer, I know my stuff. I completely disregarded the blonde piece of fluff that greeted me and started looking for my product. She actually had to catch up to me and ask me what I was looking for. So I told her- she listened in a way that would make me believe she would show me where said product was. Wrong. She led me to touch screen kiosk that an untrained monkey could operate, then came back 3 minutes later and was STUNNED that I was done already. Yeah lady, I know my name and phone number THAT WELL.

    While I was waiting for hell to freeze over, I would check the walls to make sure I hadn’t overlooked the charger so I could get the hell out of there. Nope. It was only when I made a mildly snippy comment, you know, about calling the cops if I have to wait 35 minutes only to find out they don’t have the item- did I actually get waited on. Totally acted like they were doing me a favor for taking me early. Early. Cause you know, if you haven’t waited an hour, then they’re taking you EARLY. And you know what they asked me? Name and cell phone number. Why did I bother typing that stuff in the bloody kiosk in the first place if I’m just going to regurgitate it every time you talk to me. Then she went INTO THE BACKROOM and brought out the charger. The. Back. Room.

    It’s not like the phone is obsolete- in fact they had it prominently displayed on their freakin wall. But the charger? Nope, need special clearance for that. Tards.

  2. sagebates

    As a teen I probably already know more about cell phones then the idiots at verizon. I never sign in at the kiosk i just go look and grab what i need, pay and leave. They even make you sign when, even though no one is there

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