Windows Vista after one week of use (still sucks)

Even though I thought that Vista sucked (as stated a couple of posts below) I thought I would install it and try to give it another chance.

I’m typing this on Vista Business Edition.

I still don’t like it. It boots up fast but takes about three times longer than Windows XP to log in to the domain. I’m using Vista on my work laptop. I maintain/support my own stuff as I work in the I.T. department.

Here are a few reasons I don’t like it.

1. It takes longer to copy/move/delete files. I don’t understand why but it does.

2. It takes longer to log into a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain. About three times as long as Windows XP did.

3. To me the sidebar is just useless crap and I don’t need it.

4. The Start Menu is worse than XP was by far. I don’t mind the XP Start Menu but I just hate how when you click on “All Programs” it doesn’t expand up and you have to scroll the thing instead in a little area. I realize I can switch it to classic but then what is the point?

5. I’ve tried to install numerous applications by running a “setup.exe” file. Most of which do not work and I can only install if the application happens to come with an .MSI file to install it.

6. The Aero feature is stupid. It is nothing more than eye candy. It may look neat but it’s not any better than how it used to be in Windows XP. The task flip thing is horrible. I can choose my apps faster with the good old task switch instead of watching my computer flip through my applications in a “really cool” needless fashion.

7. The default shortcut icons are horrible. They take up almost 1/4th of the icon size. I had to search the web for a tool to get rid of the crappy shortcut arrow. Why Microsoft would make this the default is beyond me.

I cannot believe that they had about 5-6 years to release a new OS and this is all they came up with. Windows XP is an awesome OS, but then again so is Windows 2000 with SP4. In my opinion they should have a tough time convincing people that they need Windows Vista. I see no reason that I need it. In fact I’m going to reload this box with Windows XP as soon as I’m done typing this.

What’s up with the high price? The MacOS costs $120. Linux is free. Some versions of Linux you can and should pay for but they are no more than $80. Why is Vista over $350? That’s insane.

I really really hope that people don’t buy this OS and I also hope that they request XP instead when they order a new PC. I just ordered my dad a new Dell and I told them I DID NOT want Vista. I had to buy an Optiplex to get XP Pro but that was fine with me.

In short, Windows Vista is nothing more than a bloated version of Windows XP that takes up 7GB of disk space on a fresh install. I about crapped my pants when I saw that it took up that much space. My laptop ran wonderful on 1GB of RAM with XP. It runs fair, or good at best with Vista.

Thanks Microsoft for spending 5 years to complete about 8 months of work. There are Windows Blinds themes that make XP look better than Vista does. Vista gives you lots of stuff you don’t need and nothing that you do need.

Again, my next computer will be a brand new 17″ or 20″ Apple iMac.


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