Windows Vista Sucks

Yeah, I’m an network guy who works in IT, and I think that Vista sucks. I did a clean install on my Dell D600 Laptop today and it was a joke. The specs of my laptop are as follows: Pentium M 1.3GHz, 1GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility, etc.

It took about 45-60 minutes to install. Upon first boot it had all this stuff running and widgets on the desktop. It was using 372MB RAM running just itself, and it had taken up 7GB of space just for the install. What a hog.

The Start menu (that no longer says “START”) is horrible. It’s small and the “All Programs” menu just automatically covers the main menu when you over on it. I hate that.

I went into “Device Manager” and before I could even get there I had to say “Yes” to a security window asking me if I wanted to let this happen. Duh, yes I want it to happen I was the one that launched it. Having a popup box ask you if you really want to run something is dumb. Unless you are going to make it more like Linux and have the user input the “root” password it’s useless. That will be an annoyance to everyone that uses Vista.

It didn’t recognize my Broadcom 570x ethernet card (edited to say that after doing Windows Update it found the driver for the card and started working), and I can’t find drivers for it either on the web. So instead of getting to run things at 1Gb, I will have to accept 54Mb from my wireless card.

After all this, I decided to just put XP Pro with SP2 back on my laptop.

I will be buying a new computer around Christmas time. It will be an Apple computer.

You couldn’t get me to run Windows Vista if you gave it to me with a brand new laptop. I would refuse to use it and I would rather spend my hard earned money on an Apple computer that costs more money.

Vista sucks!

Please see my most recent post.

I still think it Vista sucks but the outlook is a little better.



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5 responses to “Windows Vista Sucks

  1. DQ

    I just installed Vista today on an equivalent D600 and I am perfectly happy with it. All of my devices were recognized except the sound card and Dell has that driver available on their website. I ran my user account as limited under XP SP2 and I find that the UAC gives me more flexibility when I want to install software and make changes. If you are a guy that works in IT I would think that the UAC and the new driver requirements should minimize the number of complaints that you will receive.

    Sorry you had such a rough time with it. This computer is not going to win any races or support the new graphics stack in Vista but it runs just fine and boots in a reasonable amount of time. I upgraded my HD to an 80GB 5400 RPM drive from the 30GB 4200 RPM drive that came with the system and this probably helps performance. (FYI – it runs cooler and uses less power so you might consider the upgrade if you haven’t already.)

    I recommend that you give it another try. As an IT person I would imagine that you will have to become comfortable with Vista in a relatively short time frame.

  2. DQ,

    Thanks for the reply. I did decide to reinstall it and run it for a week. I still don’t like it. See the most recent blog entry. 🙂

    Gonna go back to XP Pro very soon.

  3. David

    i concer…i’ve been into computers since 3.1 i liked 95 98 was a littel better me worse xp pro even worse even so all this vista truly sucks i cant do anything with out permisssion or running programs under the admistrator for them to work…not to mention wont play the games that xp could..this is an upgrade? i think not..this should be against the law, like the lemon law or somthing this was a down grade from xp for sure……looks great though

  4. Microsoft shoot them self in the food. I never ever going to update my Laptop (1GB) with Windows. Its a joke. I rather buy a MAC!!!

    Although processors get faster and faster Windows slows it down with each new OS they introduce.

    My Granny still surfs the Internet with a Windows 95 version! She told me that she does not need all that fancy stuff.

  5. Wonderdad

    I was trying to upgrade my Dell laptop D600 to Vista. I have been serching for appropriate drivers and such. Upgrade advisor recommended upgrades. However I can’t seem to find any, either at Dell or anywhere else. Dell sends me to XP drivers. So I guess this will be an impossible task for this Laptop. Help if anyone can???????

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