Hunting for sport…

A few hours ago I was watching TV.  Nothing was on so I was flipping around when I came across the “OLN” or Outdoor Life Network.  I saw three guys out in the wilderness hunting.  I figured they were hunting for deer or elk or something.  Nope.  These jerks were hunting for wolf.  What the hell?  What assholes.  They didn’t shoot it to eat.  They shot a black wolf because it was a rare black one and it was standing there.  It actually came in half way close to them as it thought they might be friendly.  This is a total shame.  Wolves are beautiful animals and they are not like other animals that people hunt.  The worst part is that they had no interest in eating it or hunting for food.  They were all smiling and laughing and saying “Great shot buddy, you did an awesome job”.  Yeah, great shot.  The scope on this guys rifle was huge.  What a hero this jackass was.

I just cannot believe that people in this day and age actually think it’s ok to hunt for sport.  I don’t have a problem with hunting.  As long as you hunt just to eat then that’s ok.  If you are hunting for sport then you should be shot too.  Shoot only what you will bring back and eat.  That is all, no more no less.

I am disguested that they air this type of crap.  How horrible.  Freaking people and their “trophies”.  Morons.


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