Clueless Cops and Clueless Drivers

This really annoys me.  It’s when I am driving along a really busy road (like a 4 lane road) and I see that a cop has pulled someone over in the right lane of the street.  When I was younger cops used to pull you over and if you were dumb enough to stop on a busy street they would have you turn on the next side street or pull into a parking lot or a driveway of a business on the same road.  I’m not talking having to drive miles either to turn off.  I’m talking like 50 feet or so.

It’s dangerous, and it’s really stupid.  I don’t understand why they do this now.  It’s like they were never taught to pull people onto a side street or into a driveway or parking lot.  Why would you create a traffic jam and purposely put yourself in more danger by parking on a busy street and giving a ticket?

Whenever I’ve been pulled over if I have the opportunity to drive another 50 feet or so to turn off and then stop I do.  Every time I’ve done so I was thanked for getting out of traffic.  Never was I questioned on why I didn’t stop more quickly.

Whatever……I guess……


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