YouTube – thinking of switching

I’m seriously considering switching over to YouTube and doing video blogs.  Seems cool and seems like it would be fun.  Now I just have to get a decent webcam.

I think YouTube was a genius idea.  I truly hope that it makes TV more competitive.  People are tired of watching all the long commercials and all the extra crap they don’t have to.  If I watch CSI on DVD it is only 38-42 minutes long.  This means that whenever I watch it on TV that I’m wasting 20 minutes of my life on advertisements.  At least (for now) at YouTube you can watch stuff that people want to post and you want to see.

I swear, TV is going to be dead soon.  Soon, everyone will have fat enough pipes to download whatever shows they want (legally) off the Internet and watch them when they want and not when the station says you have to.

I hope Google and YouTube keep kicking butt and taking names.  I am slowly becoming a fan of Google.  For a long time however I saw them as ‘big brother’.  I still do to an extent, but I don’t think they are the worst.

Regardless, people like to see other people doing real life things.  Sometimes we like to see sitcoms and movies but for the most part we like to see people that are just like us.  At least, I’m tired of seeing all these high paid stars walking around like their poop don’t stink.

So, I think, shortly, I’ll be moving my ‘blog’ over to YouTube.



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