Whining goofballs with no skills…

I’m tired of people whining about their job as technology gets better and better.

Mainly I’m speaking of the following story.


Whine, whine, whine, what fools.

What they don’t realize is that millions of people like me are tired of the postal bull.  I’m tired of having to pay extra money for “insurance” when I send something priority mail to make sure it gets there.  Isn’t that what I’m paying for in the first place?  I’m not paying them to look at it and take pictures.  I’m paying them to deliver it from where I give it to them to the place listed on the front of the package.

I have used automated postal centers for about 50% of my packages.  The ones I send via the Automated Postal Centers always get there.  Some of the other ones that I handed to a real person get lost.

I feel the same way about toll booth workers.  They complain about needing more pay and not getting jobs cut etc.  Do they think that in this world of computerized automation that I need to hand them change?  Come on.  Wake up.  I can drive through a booth and scan my card faster and better than I can give a person change and wait for change back or whatever.  Plus, if there are no real people at the toll booth then I don’t have to wait behind idiots that ask directions to the person in the toll booth.  For crying out loud, just freaking move so other people can pay their toll and get on with life.  Buy a map, ask someone else.  Don’t take up other peoples time when they are in line just to pay a stinking toll.

People who are being replaced by machines or computers or whatever need to quit whining.  They have it pretty easy in my eyes.  It would seem that just about anyone with a high school education could stand in a toll booth or carry mail, or sort mail, or whatever.  Since they are state and federal jobs they have good benefits and are hard to get fired from.  These people should stop complaining and do something about what is happening.

Learn about computers, retrain yourself, find another job, just stop complaining.  You have no ground to stand on.


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