Paying for a Beta? Come on…

So I get an email from Microsoft to try the latest Office 2007 Beta release.  I’m thinking this would be something cool so I go ahead and click the link and start filling out my information.  Most of it is already there due to me signing up with my Microsoft Passport (the mark of the beast).  After spending about 3 minutes filling stuff out I click on “Continue” only to realize that they (Microsoft) wants me to enter a credit card number. What the heck?  So I look closely and they want me to pay $1.50 to download the latest Beta.  They are on crack.

There is no way in hell that I’m going to pay to test software for them.  They have enough money as it is.  Stunts like this are what will continue to make me push open source software and move away from anything Microsoft based.

Right now I have 3 PC’s in my house.  My next computer will be a Mac.  The left over PC’s will be loaded with Linux and I will not look back.  Since I’m an IT guy I have to use Windows at work and most of the servers are Microsoft based so I can’t do anything about that.  I will not buy anything else Microsoft based from this point forward.  In about a year I will buy a new computer and it will be a Mac and I will fly my finger in the face of Microsoft.

Get a clue Microsoft.  You actually think I’m going to pay you so I can test your software for you?  You’re obviously being run by crack smoking stumblebums.


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