Buttwipe drivers

What is it with people and driving? It’s like as soon as they get into a car they become a total idiot. It’s been getting worse by the year. I see people all the time that don’t use turn signals, or people that roll through stop signs, among other things.

Just the other day I was behind a guy in the left lane of a 4 lane road and he decides that he needs to make a right turn into Taco Bell. So he stops dead in the left lane until everyone goes around him and until the right lane is empty and then he makes a right hand turn from the left lane into Taco Bell. At the time I was behind him and I wish I would have had a 1970 Chrysler Imperial (as seen below) to bulldoze his ass. The guy should have realized it was his stupid ass mistake and went up the road and turned around in another spot instead of inconveniencing everyone else on the road. Just a selfish idiot.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Everyone is now talking on their cell phones and not turning on turn signals and pulling out in front of other drivers. I wish the “powers that be” would make it mandatory to have to retake your drivers test every 5 years. If you fail you must go to a refresher course every day for a week. You would have to take time off work for being such an idiot and everything.


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