Secret CIA Prisons?

I had no idea that we (the USA) had secret CIA prisons.

ABCNews Story Here 

First off I still do think that the USA is a great place to live.  I however am having serious doubts about our current, administration.  Everytime I see the little black POW/MIA stickers or the flags I think of our military men and women that were prisoners of war or are still missing.  A current family member of mine was a POW for 23 months so I know all about that stuff.

After reading that story I will now always wonder how many POW’s we have from other countries.  I mean I realize that some of them are probably guilty and are bad people.  I also bet that there are some that haven’t done anything.  They were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am usually a die hard patriotic man who tries hard to “buy American”.  I gotta tell ya, I’m slowly becoming annoyed with our government and I cannot stand our current administration.  I have no idea how someone can go to Yale and still not be able to speak properly (like George W. Bush).

I’m also tired of the bullshit excuses and lies that we have been told about September 11th 2001.  Why is their no video footage of an Boeing 757 going into the Pentagon?  The most highly guarded building on the planet has no video footage of the airplane hitting it?  I’m not talking about the crappy 5 frames that they released either.

There is a breaking point at which the American public will no longer tollerate the excuses and actions of their government.  I think we are very close to that breaking point.  I know I am.


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  1. Wife

    You can be patriotic without being a republican. 🙂

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