Microsoft and all their dumbness

As of late I’ve noticed that Microsoft is becoming a joke. They are naming everything “Windows Live” something-or-other. Today I saw the longest name ever from Microsoft and I couldn’t help but think, why?

( Windows Live OneCare Family Safety )

Why in the world do you need to name something so dang long? Whatever happened to just “Microsoft Word”? Now it’s “Microsoft Office Word 2007”. What used to be “Hotmail” is now “Windows Live Mail”. It’s retarded.

Beyond all that crazyness I also recently read that the new Windows Vista will be coming out soon (maybe January) and they want you to pay between $200 and $400 to buy it, depending on which version you need. They must be smoking crack. Windows Vista, other than looking prettier, offers nothing more to the end user. They tout all this extra garbage but none of it is worth paying to get Vista. Then what, you have to upgrade your current system or buy a new one so you can run it? Yeah right.

Microsoft has obviously gotten so huge that they have a skewed view of what life as an “average joe” is like.

Whenever we get to purchase a new PC, it will not be a “PC”. We will buy an Apple PowerMac. With “BootCamp” I can run Windows on my Mac if needed. Apple is doing all the right things and Microsoft is doing all the wrong things. This probably sounds strange coming from a guy who works in I.T. and has for the last 10 years. I’ve all but given up on Microsoft. I’m sure after we get an Apple we will not look back. What’s funny is that it’s Microsoft that’s selling me on a new Mac.

Get a clue Redmond, people don’t like you anymore. You’re over complicating things and are too greedy. Drop the price of Windows and less people will pirate it.


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