Ghostride the whip = village idiot

I saw a couple of videos on YouTube and I had to just laugh.  I guess the newest thing for the local village idiots is to get out of their car while it’s moving (at a slow speed) and dance around like a lummox.  It’s kind of funny but it seems to have become a form of natural selection.  Some idiots are getting hurt quite bad doing these things.  I did some stupid stuff as a young man and as a kid but never anything like these goobers are doing.

I also don’t get the “whip” part.  When I was a kid ghostriding was what you did to your bicycle by jumping off while it was moving.  Who in the world decided they would call it “ghostride the whip”?  Talk about a dumb name for something?

At least one thing is good, the idiots will be removed from society via natural selection so they cannot breed anymore.



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3 responses to “Ghostride the whip = village idiot

  1. Would the parents of recent ghost riding the whip casualty, Sheldon Porochnavy, think “it’s kind of funny” that “the idiots will be removed from society via natural selection so they cannot breed anymore.” And you call yourself a Christian father.

  2. Being a Christian does not mean you have to be a pushover.

    I don’t think it’s “funny” as in hahahaha I’m laughing. It’s funny like “weird”.

    Hey, if people are stupid enough to do it why should I feel bad for them if they die?

    It’s tragic if they kill someone else on accident when ghostriding the whip. It’s not tragic if they kill themselves doing it. Why? Because it’s idiotic. Cars are not toys. They are machines and they are heavy and they are not meant to be played around with.

    Do I feel bad when guys riding motorcycles with no helmet are doing a wheelie down the expressway and wreck? No, not really. Why would they do stupid stuff like that? Do it at a sanctioned race track with a helmet and leathers on.  Same think goes for ghostriding the whip.  If you must be an idiot and do it then you should be prepared for the consequences.

    If you are going to jump onto a moving train, you must be prepared for the fact that you may not make it and may land on the tracks and get killed or have your limbs cut off by the train wheels.  I know this because someone I went to school with did it.  He was a goofball.  He survived and is now missing a leg.

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